portapottyWhen I started blogging, it was in large part, due to Syp. I really liked his writing over at WAAAGH!. It was a short while before I realized it was the same guy from this other blog that I loved, BioBreak. Other than the fact that he has an image from Final Fantasy 7 on the banner at the top, I instantly fell in love BioBreak, it was more general, so the content was a good deal more expansive and broad, while maintaining the same good writing that I enjoyed at WAAAGH as well.

So, now Syp has closed down his blog at WAAAGH, and commited himself to BioBreak more full-time-ish. Oddly enough, I didn’t even realize this till I read BioBreak today that the other had closed. For whatever reason, it had fallen off my regular cycle of blogs I read. Most likely due to the general malaise I feel to the game right now, that I’m just not as interested in reading about it from all over the place as I was before. Who knows, either way, maybe this means I’ll get more BioBreak goodness out of him. Best of luck to ya Syp!


121-ae-diagramWell, a preview of the patch notes were put up, and discussed in two seperate places. The one from MbJ can be found here, and it is just a general preview of what will be coming out with this update. For a subsidary patch, it sounds like it is pretty hefty, which usually means good things. There was no explicit mention of Shadow Warriors anywhere in the mix here, so my hopes and dreams aren’t soaring at any moment. Conversely, there was no mention of any class, so I’m not really hurt about it either. It just is what it is.

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sabotageSo, in my continuing evolution with this game, we should all be aware that I’ve dropped my Shadow Warrior until such time that they become worth a shit. In my mean-time, I’ve been playing my Warrior Priest. The play is similar to that of my Disciple of Khaine, but better. It’s interesting how far these classes have come since launch, they were strong classes then, but there have been little tweaks and changes that make them really shine, and place them in one of the few categories of classes that I consider “there”. There being almost perfectly balanced. That balance shows.

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Slight Retraction

war-priestFor a few various reasons, I’m going to be changing what I said earlier. I played my DoK, and I did like it, however, the server seems to be lacking. Whenever I run around, and I know there is fighting going on, it’s like pulling teeth trying to get into a warband. There are never any open forces running around for me to jump into and help out, so I’m left going it solo. As a healer, this is bad, as, well, I heal. Not being grouped with me means that Tank216 doesn’t get heals, because clicking on someone running the field is a pain in the ass. Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah, so I am not going to be playing my DoK, but I did decide I am going to shelve my Shadow Warrior until Mythic gets their shit together with the class. The decision pretty much came after I found myself getting destroyed in duels against every class except Sorcerers and Witch Elves, which ended close usually. I was able to destroy Magus as well, but they need just as much Dev love from what I read, so I’m not going to be all a-twitter about that. So yeah, sorry Kahla, you’re worthless right now, can’t duel, and no reason to have you in RvR when there are so many better OTHER options.
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I tried it, and I liked it

thumbs-upSo, I went back to give my DoK a whirl with the spec I talked about in my previous post. It was fun. I didn’t feel any undo pressure from other players to keep them alive. I had a good time running around at the front line and doing a little bit of combat and healing. I managed to pull out an Annihilators Breastplate from a keep take. Plus, I looked amazing. Disciples are still one of the better looking classes in my opinion. So I had sex appeal, fun play, and decent to better functionality. Given all that, I don’t know if I’m going to switch over just yet.

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Scratch Scratch Scratch

scratch1I’m feeling an itch. It’s an odd itch. I’m starting to think back as my time as a DoK, and thinking of all the different cool things I can do with him as they stand now. I’ve been poking about with a build calculator, and just reminiscing about how cool it could actually be to be a front line fighter who heals through damage. I saw a build on the forums, that really lit the fire under me, and got the wheels turning so to speak. Would I be a pretty selfish healer still? Yes, but tough cookies, if you want heals, it’s important that I keep myself up as well, you’ll get my spill overs. This isn’t like before, when I just transferred over my characters to see the new server and maybe a city siege, no… this is a genuine interest in playing another character as more than just a passing hobby.

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Holy hell, awesome

World’s funniest Rick-roll ever.

That is all.

An Homage

yankeessuckkidWell, in a fun and interesting post, it spurred me on to give a giant transmittal of emotion to a group of people. To all of those band-jumping, come-lately, lazy bastards who try to profit off of the work of those who came before you, this message is for you. That message… F U C K   Y O U.

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WCP-Eye on you, pt 3

wcpilogovisual2I’m coming back with my first full post from a week of hell with a blitzkrieg assault of blogs I’ve been reading. I hope you haven’t seen these posts yet because, as we’re all aware, everyone with a computer is blogging about this game now, and damn-it, it’s hard to keep up. So, let this be a  round-up posting of blogs you may have missed.

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New State of the Game post from Mr. Jacobs hit us yesterday. There are a few things I’m happy to read about, but really? Not a single mention of Shadow Warriors? We were the least looked at class in 1.2, 1.2.1 you admit has no eyes coming to us, and 1.3 you have no intention of so much as giving us a once over? This is freakin’ ridiculous. If something dosen’t start happening soon to compensate for the glaring flaws and sevre areas of underperformance for this class, I’m gone. No more playing your game, and no more blog. I’m quickly passing the point of just mild frustration, I’m rapidly approaching genuinely angry. I will not make a new main, I will not go through it all over again with a new focus. Six months in, and you’re on the precipice of loosing a DEVOUT fan.

Get your shit together and at least acknowledge us with admitance of the numerous problems this class faces.