Nerding it up some more

Yeah, that’s right. Another PvP video. I tried to be equitablem in my wins/losses. All the sorc fights are against the same player. As you can see, they are nasty opponents, and when played right, the two of us end in a near dead-heat. Anyway, here you go.


see-sawOn my server, Order has been pounding the ever-living snot out of Destruction for the past month and a half. We’ve pushed into their city multiple times per week on most weeks. Yes, the stage one instance of the invasion is a bit lackluster, and yes there are bugs that need to be worked out, but that is not what I want to talk about today. Today, I want to talk about realm balance. I would love to hear from other players what their realm is like now, has been like, and the evolutions it has made. I find it interesting to see community ebb and sway as time goes on, and the way the mood strikes them as a collective whole. I clearly remember at launch order players screaming about  how overpowerd, better looking, and just more well thought out the side of destruction was. Now, as I read through the forums, I see the players of destruction saying the same about order.

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Integrate Scenarios and ORvR?

Black & WhiteIs there a way this can be done?

I got to mulling it over after reading a post from The Greenskin.

The community seems to be split into a few factions on how much emphasis should be placed upon ORvR and Scenarios. By my accounts, there are the anti-Scenario-ers, the Scenario-fatics, and the Scenario-ambivalent. The most vocal tend to be the first and second group, and the third tends to only give their opinion on threat of water-boarding (I call them hippies, make a decision hippie!).

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Gear Grind?

mortarI don’t get it.

I’ve been reading in a few places lately, about people who are upset with the obtaining of gear in WAR. In particular, the obtainment of PvP gear. If you’ll look back over my blogging history, you’ll see that I got my full Annihilator set in less than a month, Sentinel I got shortly after. My Darkpromise/Conqueror took a bit, but that’s not because I was having bad luck with drops, it was my inability to get into a group to do Lost Vale and the fact that my server rarely sees fortress captures. All of this was before the implementation of the token system. So what’s the problem?

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New heights of Nerddom

So, yes, I’ve reached a new height of infatuation with the game, as well as gone the extra nerd mile, in my nerd-mobile, while playing my nerd-horn.

I’ve made a PvP video. You can find it below.

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Tokens, and Scarabs, and Skeletons, oh my!

goggleswmAs I’m sure we’re all well aware, the Live Event is today in its fourth day after release, and the recent update of 1.2.1 has been out for about a week now, and this is going to be my post going over my impressions of the two systems as a whole. I’ve had time to experience and really digest what the changes from 1.2.1 have made to the game, and I have been all the way through this most recent of live events, so I think I can discuss it without qualm now.

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steam-rollerYesterday was a server first for Ironfist. A Prime-time city siege.

It was glorious.

It was awful.

Was happy I finally got to see one on me “home” server.

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sabotageSo, in my continuing evolution with this game, we should all be aware that I’ve dropped my Shadow Warrior until such time that they become worth a shit. In my mean-time, I’ve been playing my Warrior Priest. The play is similar to that of my Disciple of Khaine, but better. It’s interesting how far these classes have come since launch, they were strong classes then, but there have been little tweaks and changes that make them really shine, and place them in one of the few categories of classes that I consider “there”. There being almost perfectly balanced. That balance shows.

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An Homage

yankeessuckkidWell, in a fun and interesting post, it spurred me on to give a giant transmittal of emotion to a group of people. To all of those band-jumping, come-lately, lazy bastards who try to profit off of the work of those who came before you, this message is for you. That message… F U C K   Y O U.

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Chicken or the Egg?

chicken-eggSo, this week while I was sick, I was able to get some gaming time in. A lot of gaming time actually. Don’t really have anything better to do than sit around and read the forums, play the game, and pray to the porcelain god that whatever virus had invaded my body leave quickly. Our server had their first assault on a city on Tuesday with the release of zone Domination. Destruction orchestrated (though they deny having plans ahead of time) a great late night assault and zone locking that lasted well into the AM hours, when the majority of people are asleep. So, of course there is much heated argument over at our servers forum on WHA. Retaliation is a bitch though, and on Thursday, Order bit back.

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