BioWare & Friends

If you’re a reader of BioBreak, you’ve probably seen Syp’s latest update about some happenings between BioWare and its fansites. Obviously, as a blogger myself, and as a participating member of the new blog/media conundrum, I find it to be of interest how BioWare is handling this. From the revision that Syp provided after speaking with BioWare, it seems that the limitation won’t be so much in the form of interaction, but in official sponsoring. If you’re familiar with Warhammer, you’ll remember that every so often, Andy would do a blogger role-call, linking out people who wrote blogs primarily about WAR. It was a great honor to be chosen to be on those lists, and a great way for the game to show love to it’s blogging community (something Mythic always excelled at).  Those type of actions, or even participation in similar promotional events, will likely NOT be happening. No holocrons with symbols as part of a decipher puzzle will be included if you have adds on your blog.

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Rift in the community

I know, terrible pun. You’ll get over it. Or you won’t, and my bad title will cause you to do something drastic, and probably come back to bite me in the legal sense as being responsible for your extreme behavior. I’m willing to take that chance. Especially for a topic as interesting as this one.

With every new release of a fairly prominent title into the MMO community, people invariably start to talk about it. Big or small, bloggers at the last will make some comment about it. Rift is no exception. What’s particularly interesting about this release, are the reactions from those who have played it, and those who are reading the things written by those who have played it. Some players find it has too much PvP, as in, the game is not solely, 100% PvE centric. Apparently, not paying attention to whether allies are flagged for PvP and then healing them isn’t a good reason to be dragged into PvP conflict, nor is inattentively throwing out AoE when a potential enemy is around. I kid you not, someone used the excuse “They walked into my damage”, when I was in elementary school and told the teacher the other kid ran into my fist, the excuse didn’t work then either. Conversely, we have players who find it to be incredibly thin on the PvP side, and highlight that by pointing out the entire experience in the Betas so far have been PvP optional, EVEN ON THE PVP SERVERS. Capital letters drive the point home I think.

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Drama, they have it

Drama (where I first heard).

Hol-eee Crap.

Confession? Bullshit!

I love the internet so god-damn much sometimes, it makes all four of my heart’s chambers beat at the same time, and cause mini-heart attacks. It’s that freakin’ awesome.


portapottyWhen I started blogging, it was in large part, due to Syp. I really liked his writing over at WAAAGH!. It was a short while before I realized it was the same guy from this other blog that I loved, BioBreak. Other than the fact that he has an image from Final Fantasy 7 on the banner at the top, I instantly fell in love BioBreak, it was more general, so the content was a good deal more expansive and broad, while maintaining the same good writing that I enjoyed at WAAAGH as well.

So, now Syp has closed down his blog at WAAAGH, and commited himself to BioBreak more full-time-ish. Oddly enough, I didn’t even realize this till I read BioBreak today that the other had closed. For whatever reason, it had fallen off my regular cycle of blogs I read. Most likely due to the general malaise I feel to the game right now, that I’m just not as interested in reading about it from all over the place as I was before. Who knows, either way, maybe this means I’ll get more BioBreak goodness out of him. Best of luck to ya Syp!

WCP-Eye on you, pt 3

wcpilogovisual2I’m coming back with my first full post from a week of hell with a blitzkrieg assault of blogs I’ve been reading. I hope you haven’t seen these posts yet because, as we’re all aware, everyone with a computer is blogging about this game now, and damn-it, it’s hard to keep up. So, let this be a  round-up posting of blogs you may have missed.

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Quizat Haderach

duneWell, maybe Paul Atriedes won’t be found in this genre of game, but the more iconic figure of sandworms might be making a conceptual appearance. Mythic is continuing to show love to all the other bloggers out there and increase my insane jealousy of them by sending out awesome flash-drives with the WAR logo and amazing sneak-peaks of the upcoming Land of the Dead.

Lucky Bastards.

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Better late than never.

Another blogger finally recieved his clue.

Oringal writer of Order of Destruction, he’s now a member of the “A Wall of Text” site. Well he got letter 5/13, and it’s an H.

So that puts us at:

_ T N I H T N E V E R A _

With just two left to what is officially old  news. I just wanted to make a post, and figured an update to a previous wouldn’t get read. The biggest mystery that I’m interested in is the identity of the last two notes. I’ve found a lot of different bloggers whom I hadn’t read before purely from this endeavor, so I have a lot of thanks to them for that bonus by itself! Keep up the work.

Update: The Greenskin finally got their Valentine from Mythic. 13/13 W.

_ T N I H T N E V E R A W

Give me an “S”.

Look Ma’!

Kind of cool, apparently I’m getting a lot more traffic here in my corner of the inter-web. Juvenile comments about being ranked 69th are, as always, more than welcome. I am honestly surprised at how many reads I’m getting lately, and am completely honest when I say that it is not what I expected in the slightest.

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Blogging Minutia

There are a bunch of little things I’d like to do here to the site. I’m still not 100% happy with the appearance and layout, though I do like it immensely for an out-of-the-box setup. So, I’d like to change that up a bit to be more in-line with where I want to take this. As I mentioned earlier, I’m also going to be loading up Shadow Warrior abilities/tactics/morale abilities. I’ve made good progress on that so far, I’ve got all the images I need of them all saved on my hard drive, I just now need to clean them up, and upload them, then present them (okay so I have step 1 of 4 done). I’d also like to do something to increase traffic, and I hope discussions, through here. The Age of Blogging initiative has helped tons in that regard already. My daily tracking numbers have doubled in a day, which is impressive. Someone mentioned an RSS feed in a comment. What is that? What does it do? How do I set one up? Read more of this post