Grow the Fuck Up

robinYou’re a god-damn whore and you’ve most likely been blacklisted by pretty much everyone on the server with with an ounce of decency. But let me not Tarintino this story and start from the beginning. Read more of this post



More Awesome.

Overall awesomeness.

New classes, new zones, new scenarios, new live events, new conflict.

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Giant Freakin’ Alien Octopus

watchmeninsigniaIf you don’t want to have any clue about what this title has to do with the movie, and you haven’t read the comic, don’t read this article. Read more of this post

Leonardo would be put to shame


So, more and more of these letters are coming out, and speculation by the community is reaching a fever pitch. As things stand, we have the following information:

  • Postcards have been sent out by Mythic to inform/titillate us about the big announcement tomorrow.
  • Each postcard is part of a 13-digit clue.

We curerntly have the 9 of the 13 slots filled.

_ T N I _ T N E V E R A _

Whether this is the exact order of whatever message is being spelled, or it’s backwards/jumbled is unknown. A straight reverse of it gives us:

_ A R E V E N T _ I N T _


War event _int_


War even _int_

Obviously, the red letters are my guesses, or just the blanks. I can’t think of any 5 letter words with “int” in middle, and don’t have the time at this current moment to put serious brainpower into it. Oh, Tom Hanks, where are you?

edit: Greg at Tome of Knowledge, got a letter as well. Like the other “e” he mistakenly thought it was an “L” at first also, but it seems the wacky penner of these things is at least consistent. The War Event Hints theory is looking more solid by the parcel.

The better part of valor…

sir-robinShadow Warriors are squishy.

I know, I know, it looks  like we’re wearing chain mail, and so, should have a medium rating, but we don’t. We wear light armor, and as far as I’m aware, so do the other casters (nothings lighter than light, ya’ know?). Sure, we can go into assault spec, and have our armor doubled, but that limits our range and puts us into melee combat. Something that should be counter to the idea of how we are supposed to accomplish our task of “shooting you in the face”™. I’ve got a couple suggestions that I think would would help greatly alleviate some of the problems we as a class are currently facing. Read more of this post

Level Locking Looses

padlockSo, there has been a fair amount of talk lately about instituting a level locking system in this game similar to that seen in other games, like EQ2. Like all things, there are advantages and disadvantages to this idea. I can appreciate the desire to stay in some of the lower tiers and compete on that level of the game, it’s fast and fun. However, and this is a big however, I think it is a terrible, terrible idea. Read more of this post

Bloody Valentine, in 3D?

my-bloody-valentine-3dYes much like the movie, it seems like Mythic is capitalizing on the juxtaposition of violence and the holiday of love. They have sent out to many different bloggers love notes with mysterious clues. In their clever, clever ways they have spelled words differently than would make grammatical sense, as attempts to get us all hyped up about the alleged upcoming event.

And it’s working! Read more of this post

And He Descended from on High…


No, not our Lord and Savior. That other figure that almost all of us love and enjoy. Apparently the cause for this insane increase in views today is thanks to our good friend Paul. The image to your right is what I like to call “The Barnett Factor”.

Apparently, the way to increase viewership is to receive the golden touch from his recent YouTube video, to which I say, “Thanks!”.

KESA my Ass-a

One of the pioneers of on-line game play, Dr. Bartle, invented a test that is kind of the weather vane for what you like to do, and breaks it down into four simplistic categories. Killer, Explorer, Socializer and lastly Achiever. These four different types of player are the primary driving goals in game participation. Read more of this post

Look Ma’!

Kind of cool, apparently I’m getting a lot more traffic here in my corner of the inter-web. Juvenile comments about being ranked 69th are, as always, more than welcome. I am honestly surprised at how many reads I’m getting lately, and am completely honest when I say that it is not what I expected in the slightest.

Thanks to everyone who are coming on through, I  hope you are at least distracted for a moment while reading my page. Special thanks to the Age of Blogging initiative and the great community we have of WAR bloggers, you are all a great bunch. Read more of this post