Giant Freakin’ Alien Octopus

watchmeninsigniaIf you don’t want to have any clue about what this title has to do with the movie, and you haven’t read the comic, don’t read this article.

Yes, yes, all of us uber-nerds are frothing at the mouth for the release of this film. Those of us who have read it, know it and love it for the amazing story that it is. Full of conflicting moral issues, social commentary, and just straight-up awesome, “Oh my God, that’s so f’d up”-ness. I heard about this movie around the first quarter of 2008 I think it was, and have been anticipating it ever since.

Sadly, back in the 3rd/4th quarter of last year, bad news struck. Anyway, we all have been kept in a state of anticipation on this subject. However, I recently found out that the legal battle between Warner Bros. and Fox has come to an end. I don’t keep as up-to-date on my movie news as my gaming, so I’m pretty relieved to hear that all has been cleared away, and at least come to an equitable finale.

Now, to just wait on Tron 2.

edit: I always forget to add tags/categories for stuff.


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3 Responses to Giant Freakin’ Alien Octopus

  1. Regis says:

    I still hate Fox for raping WB, who actually made the movie instead of sitting on the license for another 20 years. From what I have seen it looks to be really awesome.

  2. YUP Can’t wait…. this year should be a good one for movies as far as us geeky types are concerned… i really need to switch to wordpress… and update my blog more…. and add your blog to my links… damn i’m getting lazy

  3. shadowwar says:

    Haha, awesome man, how’s the new State?

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