What is fair?

Whether socially, politicaly, in games, business, or whatever. I’m curious to see how other people view this term. I’ve got a fairly strong grasp of how I view the concept across all the spectrums, and would like to hear yours.




LoL is still amazing.

EQ2 has me gripped tightly. WTF happened to Freeport?

Wipeout is the best damn racing franchise of all time, supported by stellar music. You don’t think so? You’re wrong.

Work IT is on a rampage, all posts for near future will be done either from my phone, or the rare preplaned one from home. Do not expect the latter.

My vacation is getting close. Feeling senioritis in the work place.

Dogs can be a pain in the ass.

Virtual worlds need greater prominence in the MMO genre.

I have a taste of highly connected digital life with my Android at times, and it leaves me craving more.

Linking and image posting with this WordPress app is more trouble than its worth.

Random picture of daughter attached (but not placed!) for cuteness factor.

We’re Not Friends

We are not pals. Or buds. Or compadres.

I am not your chief, your champ, your guy, or your friend.

Calling someone this in a message, whom you do not know from the stranger down the street, is a sure-fired way to instantly make them dislike you. Just because we both play on the same server, doesn’t mean I even like you. Don’t use these terms.

God, I’m angry lately. So close to freedom. The confinement is getting to me!

I’m outie 5000 yo

(don’t ask where the title came from, I really have no idea)

I’m going to be out of town for work for the rest of this week, and the weekend, so I won’t be making any posts. Instead, feel free to visit any of these amazing writers and their particular posts:

All right, peace out boys and girls. I’ll be popping ceiling tiles and sweating way more than I want to.

History might have been drastically different

229 Blueprint.jpgI don’t know how many of you are history buffs, or like looking at stuff like this, but a huge part of me has always been a big fan of aeronautical information, history, and particularly WWII and the Nazis. I’m not in any way a white supremacist, or a Nazi supporter, but the stuff that happened under their regime is fascinating, and the entire course of the second great war is intriguing to me. Anyway, what I’m wanting to show you guys is this, and this.

The fact that the Germans were able to construct a plane of this type and design so many decades before our Stealth Bomber is astounding to me. Thank God that they did not have enough time to actually create these outcome-changing weapons of war, because the world would be a vastly different place if they had. Still, I think it speaks wonders of German engineering and ingenuity that they could have conceivably created these aircraft. I haven’t got to watch the episode yet (sadly) as my DVR decided it didn’t want to record it after explicitly being order to do so. Beware the rise of the machines, I think they’re starting to revolt…

Tuckered out

sleepOrder was in Inevitable City three times this last week. Plus, my disease is still clinging onto my lungs with the tenacity of an enraged Pitbull. I’m sleepy, at work, and mind-numb. Read one of the sites under my blogroll. I suggest BioBreak.


Migrainuers, Myself and Many More

migraineI’ve been laid out for the last few days with a migraine. Not just any migraine, but a migraine sent from the deepest depths of Hell to torment me for some perceived slight I’m sure. The best part was that on Monday, I had a crew installing and building custom bookshelf built-ins for the study in my house. Nothing like hammers, saws, nail-guns, and workmen stomping around to REALLY destroy any nerve endings I had left. If you’re unfamiliar with migraines, or have never had any, count yourself lucky.

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stop-whiningI’ve been complaining.

A lot.

I’m sorry, I’ve turned into a whiny little bitch about the game. Whatever the reasons, it doesn’t justify it.

So consider this my official apology note to anyone who’s actually stayed here to listen to me bitch like a spoiled little girl who didn’t get the right colored pony for her birthday. But daddy, I wanted a palomino damnit!

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Holy hell, awesome

World’s funniest Rick-roll ever.

That is all.

Child Actors

home-aloneGet sick, get into drugs, and rip peoples faces off.

Guess it can happen to anyone.