Like a punch to the gut

Oh really?

Nerfed Buttons

I_WinI’m not an addon pusher, or the type to go off on tangents about some minor thing in a game. That said, I recently got this addon by the name of nerfed buttons to start working. I’ve had it downloaded for a while, after hearing about how great it was, but I never spent the time to find out how it works. At first it’s a little complicated, but not so much that it will bar entry to the most basic levels of it. I do see how mastering it could take quite a while.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. The long and short of it’s functionality is that it’s a parameter based macro add-on. Not macro in the sense of it does everything for you, but in the sense that it changes what can happen based upon user input. Perhaps an example would be best.

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I’ve done some serious culling of the blogs on my blogroll. I basically bit the bullet and cut out anyone who hasn’t made a post in the last month. A big part of me didn’t want to do this because it was really sad just how many blogs had ended, I know I cut out at least 10 in the last two days. So, to make me feel better, let me know if you’re still blogging and where at. It doesn’t have to be about WAR, it can be a general MMO site for all I care. If it’s about WAR, I’d be extra happy though, because that’s what I’m playing mostly right now. Hell, if you link to me and I don’t have you linked, let me know how much of a jackass I am for being so ungrateful! So, let me know.

Drama, we have it

Comedy TragedyI’ve been on the fence whether to write about this particular in-guild/alliance situation that happened recently. I have a lot of personal opinions on the matter, and there’s a lot of stuff that people would rather I not put out in the world for anyone to read about. That said, I’ve never been one to pull back when I’ve had stuff to say, and the fact that I’ve been hesitant in this situation surprises me. With all of that said, I’m going to go ahead and put it all on the table, it will need to be a big table, so feel free to skip this sit down if you don’t want bleeding eyeballs.

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Tuckered out

sleepOrder was in Inevitable City three times this last week. Plus, my disease is still clinging onto my lungs with the tenacity of an enraged Pitbull. I’m sleepy, at work, and mind-numb. Read one of the sites under my blogroll. I suggest BioBreak.


Movies of Anticipation


Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (out today!)

Terminator: Salvation (playing now)

G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra

District 9

The Hangover “In the face! IN THE FACE!”

The Proposal Romantic comedy, whatever, call me gay. I love Sandra. Mmmm….Sandra.

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

Oceans, I’m no hippy hugging trees, but I loved those Disney real life adventures as a kid. I think it was the voice.


WoW, just wow

Hubris? Hubris.

(And just for kicks: RICHARD BARTLE)

Antiobiotics are a hell of a drug

Rick JamesI’m feeling ridiculously better. My “flu” started to feel like bronchitis. I was a smoker for almost eight years, so bronchitis was always one of those things I got a lot, and that’s not a cough you really forget. It’s a cough that originates  in the center of your chest (who’da thunk it, in the bronchi!), and it feels like it’s all just being pulled up into your throat with each cough. Well, the doctor said it wasn’t bronchitis, just an upper respiratory infection. So here’s some orth-something, take it twice a day, and when your mucous (such a gross word) is clear, you’re good to go back to work. Started to feel slightly better yesterday, and today, it’s clear! So back to work I am. I still feel drained, and like my head is going to explode, but at least I no longer want to eat a bullet.

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stalinYou know, there are a fair amount of blogs out there that I read somewhat regularly. I like to see other peoples opinions, make comments, get communication and dialog moving. When it comes to my own blog, I never exclude a post entirely unless it’s spam. I can think of only one instance where I’ve edited someones post (today actually) and that was because of possible violation of Mythic’s right to release content and not have that interfered with by “Leak” sights.

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Master Gnost-Dural Speaks again

Go here.SW-TOR

I love the stories and simple animations being released by Bioware for this game. This tail of Hylo Viz, and her greed-motivated salvation of the Republic is an interesting tail. It probably also shows that smugglers are going to be an in game class. It seems to me that Bioware is doing a great job so far of remaining calmly confident in the product they are producing.

They don’t have the in-your face enthusiasm and exuberance that Paul and crew brought to WAR, but there’s a surety in the content they have released, and in the interviews with the people working on the game. Instead of a group of excited youngsters doing something their first time around, I get a sense of a master craftsman who lets his work stand on it’s own merits. This is a bit odd considering the position of the two companies. Mythic has obviously been in the MMO genre for much longer than Bioware, and hell, even longer in the gaming industry if my memory serves me. Neither presentation is wrong really, just different.

Anyway, I’m getting rambly. It’s looking to be a great game, and I can’t wait to see more of it.