Grow the Fuck Up

robinYou’re a god-damn whore and you’ve most likely been blacklisted by pretty much everyone on the server with with an ounce of decency. But let me not Tarintino this story and start from the beginning.

A few nights back, I was roaming the countryside with about two groups of people, and we were looking for a fight. Moving between BO’s and picking up steam, eventually we got more people, enough to fill a full warband. This started off as just a guild thing, but we kept it open because we want everyone to join in on the fun.

Initially we were pretty healer light, and even toward the end there was only one Archmage out of all of us there. Thankfully more healers, and more tanks showed up, and we were able to start hitting keeps, and the Destruction players defending them. Much fun was had by all, and eventually, we were successful in taking down the first keep. What do you think dropped from one of the enemies we killed? Yeah Conqueror’s Slippers. The Greater Ward PvP boots for Archmages. Seeing as how we had just one Archmage, we all were very happy (and a bit envious) of his luck.

Well, apparently we never turned the looting to “Need on use”, because some Witch Hunter rolled need on them and won them. I thought it was an honest mistake, it happens, but luckily, the boots are bind on equip, so the WH could easily hand them over. So, we collectively asked the player to give them over to the Archmage who had been so kind as to heal a lot of us while we took this keep.

No response.

We started getting more vocal in our requests, and that’s when this dick-wad basically told us all to shove it. We tried to reason, and explain that it’s really a bad move to do this kind of thing, and that these types of actions are childish and petty, and that it won’t end well for them. Then it went to region chat, and the shit-storm landed squarely on the WH’s shoulders. Imagine an entire server’s population minus a small contingent of close friends raining hell on you for being a greedy little whore. That’s what was happening to this player. The kicker is the WH had the gall to later send a tell to the Archmage who should have got the boots saying (roughly), “I gave them to a better AM than you, go suck one”.

Why does this piss me off so much, you might be asking yourself? Well, to start with the most self-centered reason. One of the little twits tried to call me out personally saying that I had needed on some Annihilators/Conquerors gear that wasn’t of my class, and then tried to make it sound official by saying he had a screenshot. I actually wondered to myself thinking maybe I had done it on accident…oh but wait. I hadn’t. The response, “Oh, it was someone else.” Secondly, this type of behavior is bad for the game. One of the biggest draws of this game has been that I had only met one player who even annoyed me before this, and I don’t even know if that person would stoop to such a low level of personal morality as this. So, we learned, as a whole, to never let this one person to ever join in on anything we ever do again, and set a rule to always make sure that “Need on use” is checked. One person had to make everyone else take an extra step to force ethics on the community.

We work in this game as a community striving towards the same goal, and there is a set of etiquette that goes beyond the expressly dictated limits of the game functions. We all need to be laboring in concert and harmony or else it all falls apart. If we can’t respect each other enough to be decent to each other, the game will fail. We also can’t become so focused on our pixelated goals, that we forget that behind all those other avatars are real human beings, who are playing this game as well, and that your relative anonymity doesn’t justify being a douche-bag. We’re all gamers, we all love this game, lets try to make it as fun an experience as possible, if that means putting aside selfish ambitions for a moment and letting someone more deserving get some type of virtual advancement that costs you nothing, do it.

Oh, and the picture has nothing to do with the name of the witch-hunter.

I promise.

No, not really, the name rhymes with lobbin’.


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3 Responses to Grow the Fuck Up

  1. Shotokan says:

    Unbelievable that still today after so many years of MMORPG’s being out there, that several individualists still lack the etiquette in-game the majority of us try to uphold. Shameful… You’re nicer than I am, I would have plastered the guys virtual name all over sites everywhere! I would have put him up on Destruction Webstites and blogs (every one I could find) as a Kill On Sight player!! and enjoy thus feeding him to the wolves… Though I assume all he has to do is at some point re-roll, a new name and he’d be forgotten, but I would have made it my personal mission to make this player’s game time as unpleasant as possible… talk about Dwarves having Grudges… this guy’s lucky I wasn’t involved! Good for you for reminding the community of the importance of etiquette… Hopefully this sort of thing doesn’t happen often.

  2. Thunzok says:

    That’s a pretty low act by that WH.

    I think it would be a pretty easy fix for Mythic to make “Need on use” the default loot setting when creating a party, though.

  3. tarisai says:

    what a cunt.

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