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I’m wanting to further refine my blogroll. I know a lot of the blogs I have in “General Gaming” really are general gaming blogs, but I really want to start breaking down blogs on their primary focus, particularly what game you look at the most if you do such a thing. I’m sure I have some on there that look at only one game primarily, but God knows if I can remember it until I click the link, and by then, my desire to polish is gone. So, if you’re on there and feel like you are incorrectly categorized, let me know, and I’ll move you around.

The Blame Game

blameThe title of this post will probably be deceptive. I’m not going to be laying blame at anyone’s feet for anything. Or at least, I’m going to try. Nay, instead, I’d like to talk about the way people lay blame at other’s feet, and how this pertains to our collective hobby; video-gaming.

It’s a commonly accepted fact that we all love to play video games. We become passionate about them, and spend lots of time involved in them. This becomes even more true when you look at the genre of MMOs. In regular console games, most have an end-point, a finale where the player can watch the credits and the exult in the glorious completion of whatever story they were taking part in. That’s not to say that console games don’t try to have re-playability in other ways. They use a lot of tools to give the player post-completion gameplay alternatives. Whether these choices are multiplayer co-op/competition (FPS and such), unlocks, harder difficulties, or a change in story based on choices made in-game varies from title to title, but most games launch with this already implemented. Companies realize that they need to keep the gamer happy, talking about, and playing their game. This level of euphemism helps carry them onto the inevitable sequel if they did their job right.

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Mythic News

wild huntThe herald just updated with two little tidbits of info it seems.

Love WAR? Love Apple products? Well rejoice, your day has arrived.

And apparently some new live eventis coming. It’s got a pretty picture of a useless Shadow Warrior right in the fore-front! Hurrah. A PvE zone accessed through an RvR area. Yippee. More PvE content. Just what we wanted…







My Wittle Hate-machine

Not really.

Not really.

So, I’m a few days in, and at level 18. Not a stellar leveling pace, but I’m making decent progress. I’m finding that I hate going through low level content for what, the fifth time (DoK, Original BG, SW, and KotBS), is even worse than the fourth. I really am wanting to grind my eyes out with dull, rusty spoons, then douse my empty eye sockets with ammonia every time I have to run around and do quests. Run to red blob, kill shit, return. The monotony is awful, if I find myself stuck doing it for more than 10 minutes, my attention wanders and my Alt-Tab skills improve exponentially as time goes on.

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Cryptic Gems

mythosaurI got an email today from The Great Holocron. It contained the following message:

“Mishuk gotal’u meshuroke, pako kyore.

Seek others.”

A quick google led me to wookieepedia, and this translation:  Pressure makes gems, ease makes decay. Apparently, this is a Mandalorian proverb or phrase. Perhaps, the Great Mandalorian and his will be making a greater appearance in the game than previously thought. Perhaps, as a playable class/race?

Taking a break from the Shadow Warrior to play a Blackguard

BlackGuardI have no clever title. So I decided to make it as long as possible and fully explain the crux of the entire post. I’m kind of curious to see how long, obtrusive titles look on a blog, instead of short, witty, mildly related ones.

Either way, as the title says, I’m taking a break from my Shadow Warrior to play my Blackguard. I might dabble with my DoK as well, but really, I’ll be playing my Blackguard. I know, I know, I hear the confused grunts as I type this. You’re thinking, “Why the hell would you go from a Shadow Warrior, to a Blackguard? Don’t you know they’re useless?” Well, yes and no. Blackguards, when functioning on their own, and independent of others, have a harder time getting along at times, without a ridiculous renown rank, and great gear. On the other hand, when you put them in a group setup made to take advantage of some of their unique abilities, they can be devastating.

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This is awesome.

Europe Unites

Europe UniteCan read the full post here, but here’s a segment.

To Order and Destruction:

Monday 27th July, 7pm UK time / 8pm Server time:

Europe Stand Together!

Every Destruction player log a Magus on into Inevitable City.
Every Order player log a Shadow Warrior on into Altdorf.

Stand together for 30 minutes.

Essentially, the author is sick of sloppy releases of patches, classes being ignored, and a general feeling that the players aren’t being listened too. For instance, releasing of bugs with every patch that get reported multiple times and are well known (see Shadow Warrior 1.3). I can’t particularly say I blame him, and I’d love to see something like this actually pan out, but I have small hopes for it. Not a large enough percentage of the game population reads the forums for something like this to have an impact. Still, if people can spread the word, you never know what may result.

WoW, just wow

whorecraftOkay, I had to at least point this out. Thanks to Syp for guiding me there.

Really? Is this what we need? As I commented to Syp, video game movies don’t have to blow, and neither do fantasy movies, but when you combine the two, the odds, they don’t look good. What turns the scew a little harder for me, is that this will essentially be movie about a rip-off that sparked an international phenomina. I take consolation in the fact that it will be a near insurmountable feat to do this right, and will most likely end up being complete crap. The only saving grace is that Raimi is doing this. Maybe it won’t be like the D&D movies…

Finals week

finalsSo, I will not be posting. It’s already Wednesday, so the week is half done, but I didn’t want to go any longer without letting you, the awesome readers, know what’s up. In case you don’t follow my blog roll, or you only rely upon this pathetic excuse of a site for all your Warhammer/MMO/Nerdage info, I suggest going to the following reads instead for the remainder of the week at least. But really, go to these sites more often, because they’re all better people / writers than I am. But dear God, for all that’s holy, keep coming here, you guys are the only validation I have for keeping this going, and it really is important that I have at least one person who likes what I’m doing.

  • Nothing gets your attention like a picture of a hot, half-naked chick. Or is it a dude?
  • Syp talks Endgame. He hates its, dirty, stinky hobbitsess…er endgames.
  • Firstto Fall resigns himself to the inevitability of 1.3b. Let us all hang our heads in shared sympathy.
  • Conversely, Bootae sees the silver lining, and has faith that Mythic will do as they say, and use this an opportunity to find a baseline. Like a child of Cruella Devil and Sauron would be for evil. You know, that green line. (I’m referencing Order of the Stick damn-it !)
  • The future of MMOs lies with your phone.
  • Grimnir agrees that BryantC has been a goddamn champion (he has). But more important, is the love of cowbell.
  • Damn you Homonculus, we need more posts. Someone resuscitate this blog, stat!
  • Werit is enjoying transfers +1 week. We all are. We all are.

There, now go read them. See you this weekend!