Guess we have HIS answer

MussoliniAnyone remember my post a while back about comments on your page, and how you deal with them? If not, you can follow that handy link I provided to re-read it.

Well, it seems a soft storm has hit on one person’s website. I really, really wish I had been able to read the original post. I say original, because by accounts, the author not only heavily edited comments on his page, but also changed the post itself. We’re all bloggers, so, you know, whatever. We can do as we wish, it’s our little place to be the domineering, all-powerful, ironfisted, censor of doom if we want to. I can’t see myself ever reaching a place like that myself. I guess he’s a big name in that area of the blog-verse, but I can’t particularly care for any of his work, and stuff like this makes me wonder how he got that 3k+ readers his feedburner shows. Smoke and mirrors I guess.

Edit: It should be noted, that Tobold created a new post after the one mentioned above talking about the error he made in the original, controversy-spawning post, and somewhat outlined his stance on blogistic integrity. My wish was that he would have left the original post stand as-was, and not touched the comments, but like I said, each person has the right to run their blog in the way they choose.