Happy 4th of July

Happily between Canada Day and Bastille Day.


I will be gone for a bit shy of two weeks. Enjoy whatever it is that you play, but do so for your own reasons.

Have a happy independence day to all of my countrymen and a happy weekend to everyone else.

Technical Difficulties

Having some slight issues with my blog for the last few days. Please read one of the many fine sites on my list to your right while I figure out what the hell is going on. Hopefully none of this is misspelled because I can’t even see it as I type.

I’m a moody son-of-a-bitch

I was honestly pricing plane tickets/hotels, and mapping drive times to Baltimore for Gamesday. Something clicked with me and got me excited out of fuckin’ no-where. The variances of attitude are impossible to predict. That said, I try to never act on impulse, so don’t expect me to be there. It was more idle fantasy on my part than anything else, used to demonstrate a drastic shift in perception of the upcoming events.

I still want August to be over though.


I’m quitting WAR. Perhaps the persistent pulverizing of perpetually pathetic prey has led to my perusal of other games.

I’m also a pretty pink princess who wants to mess with Play-Do and dolls in the penultimate playground of Hello Kitty Online.

A Little Rainbow and Roses

As a counterbalance to my previous post, I want to talk about the good things coming down the pipe for WAR, and don’t worry Frank, I’m still leaving the perpetually-upbeat, sociopathic-bordering perkiness to your purview. After all, I’m not just some curmudgeon critical of every move that Mythic takes. They’re a great studio and I still really enjoy their game. I also believe that what they do, they do with the best interest of the game in mind. More than anything, we should laud their efforts to try and provide some relief from the current city situation, and they are doing it quickly. So, let me turn that valve, and tell you what relief I hear as the pressure leaks out.

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I’m weak

I resubscribed to Warhammer last night. Shooties goodness ensued. Game was crazy laggy in the city thanks to some bug with Chosen and their Auras, but otherwise ran great. 1s EE will take an entire shift in gameplay and spec to fully utilitize properly.

Please tell me

I’m wanting to further refine my blogroll. I know a lot of the blogs I have in “General Gaming” really are general gaming blogs, but I really want to start breaking down blogs on their primary focus, particularly what game you look at the most if you do such a thing. I’m sure I have some on there that look at only one game primarily, but God knows if I can remember it until I click the link, and by then, my desire to polish is gone. So, if you’re on there and feel like you are incorrectly categorized, let me know, and I’ll move you around.

Movies of Anticipation


Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (out today!)

Terminator: Salvation (playing now)

G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra

District 9

The Hangover “In the face! IN THE FACE!”

The Proposal Romantic comedy, whatever, call me gay. I love Sandra. Mmmm….Sandra.

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

Oceans, I’m no hippy hugging trees, but I loved those Disney real life adventures as a kid. I think it was the voice.