Taking a break from the Shadow Warrior to play a Blackguard

BlackGuardI have no clever title. So I decided to make it as long as possible and fully explain the crux of the entire post. I’m kind of curious to see how long, obtrusive titles look on a blog, instead of short, witty, mildly related ones.

Either way, as the title says, I’m taking a break from my Shadow Warrior to play my Blackguard. I might dabble with my DoK as well, but really, I’ll be playing my Blackguard. I know, I know, I hear the confused grunts as I type this. You’re thinking, “Why the hell would you go from a Shadow Warrior, to a Blackguard? Don’t you know they’re useless?” Well, yes and no. Blackguards, when functioning on their own, and independent of others, have a harder time getting along at times, without a ridiculous renown rank, and great gear. On the other hand, when you put them in a group setup made to take advantage of some of their unique abilities, they can be devastating.

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