WoW, just wow

whorecraftOkay, I had to at least point this out. Thanks to Syp for guiding me there.

Really? Is this what we need? As I commented to Syp, video game movies don’t have to blow, and neither do fantasy movies, but when you combine the two, the odds, they don’t look good. What turns the scew a little harder for me, is that this will essentially be movie about a rip-off that sparked an international phenomina. I take consolation in the fact that it will be a near insurmountable feat to do this right, and will most likely end up being complete crap. The only saving grace is that Raimi is doing this. Maybe it won’t be like the D&D movies…


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5 Responses to WoW, just wow

  1. Krosuss says:

    Hey … just saw you had posted over at Biobreak. So you know I wasn’t taking a swipe at you on the Prince of Persia movie. I don’t always read all the comments but then saw you were hoping it does well.

    I do too. Like so many video game, fantasy, comic book, sci-fi movies I want them to succeed. But it seems we both fall into the camp of knowing better and how these usually suck.

    I love the Prince of Persia games and they could be a cool movie. Heck, many video games could make a good movie, but they aren’t usually carried out the right way. So they cast a really good actor … who is of half-Jewish descent … but still doesn’t look all that Persian to me. How does that bode for the rest of it? I dunno but I’m not feeling warm and fuzzy.

    Enjoy the blog and I’ve turned some of my Shadow Warrior friends onto it. They feel your pain with the recent nerf bat Mythic laid down.

    • shadowwar says:

      No worries, even if you had been taking a swipe, I have thick skin. That list of movies you linked makes my soul cry at how few good ones there were. Max Payne is the only one that I saw that really surprised me, I thought it was going to be complete crap, but it was actually pretty decent (never played the game). Other than that, Silent Hill, and the FF movies were good, as was the first Resident Evil (2 sucked, never saw the third). Doom didn’t make me puke. Wing Commander made me claw my eyes out, and the only saving grace to the Lara Croft movies was the buxom beauty they cast for it.

      But yeah, like you, my expectations are low. I wonder if anyone will figure out where I pulled the screen cap for this post from. It’s mildly related to the topic.

  2. Firstto says:

    Oh my god… they’re really doing it.

    Well, now we know for sure that the world is going to end come 2012.

  3. Eyeball says:

    I just want to know what kind of hotties are going to be in the movie being blood elves, and night elves. I would go to the movie just for that. Ugly Betty could be a female troll or something.

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