Finals week

finalsSo, I will not be posting. It’s already Wednesday, so the week is half done, but I didn’t want to go any longer without letting you, the awesome readers, know what’s up. In case you don’t follow my blog roll, or you only rely upon this pathetic excuse of a site for all your Warhammer/MMO/Nerdage info, I suggest going to the following reads instead for the remainder of the week at least. But really, go to these sites more often, because they’re all better people / writers than I am. But dear God, for all that’s holy, keep coming here, you guys are the only validation I have for keeping this going, and it really is important that I have at least one person who likes what I’m doing.

  • Nothing gets your attention like a picture of a hot, half-naked chick. Or is it a dude?
  • Syp talks Endgame. He hates its, dirty, stinky hobbitsess…er endgames.
  • Firstto Fall resigns himself to the inevitability of 1.3b. Let us all hang our heads in shared sympathy.
  • Conversely, Bootae sees the silver lining, and has faith that Mythic will do as they say, and use this an opportunity to find a baseline. Like a child of Cruella Devil and Sauron would be for evil. You know, that green line. (I’m referencing Order of the Stick damn-it !)
  • The future of MMOs lies with your phone.
  • Grimnir agrees that BryantC has been a goddamn champion (he has). But more important, is the love of cowbell.
  • Damn you Homonculus, we need more posts. Someone resuscitate this blog, stat!
  • Werit is enjoying transfers +1 week. We all are. We all are.

There, now go read them. See you this weekend!

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3 Responses to Finals week

  1. Rivs says:

    Shut your pie hole, your a great writer. Good luck on Finals.

  2. Grimnir says:

    No worries. If you disappeared, we’d come a huntin’…

  3. Firstto says:

    Keep writing man, I need friends in my time of mourning.

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