Oh, I tested it

I went ahead tonight and tested out the AoE skills from scout and skirmish on the test server tonight, and compared them to the live versions. I made a post about it on the officials that you can find here. I’ll include what I wrote below.

So, I decided to do research on the changes that are being implented for the class. All skirmish abilities were tested as a level 40, RR60; Ballistic Skill of 1065, ranged power of 146, crit of 42%, all points in skirmish tree completely filled out. All scout abilities were tested as a level 40, RR60; Ballistic Skill of 1105, ranged power of 146, crit of 17%. The same bow was used for all tests, 53.0 dps, and 2.7 speed, named Accursed Warbow of the Reaper. The target for all testing purposes was a siege pad. All test-server numbers will be in red, all live-game results will be in blue.The first will be normal, the second will be an average of three critical hits.

  • Barrage: 745/1119544/813
  • Lileath’s Arrow: 700/1013578/883
  • Spiral Fletch Arrow (with Split Arrows tactic): 493/759375/573
  • Flame Arrow: 1502/22841406/2077
  • Glass Arrow: 931/1392266/397

The biggest damage reduction, obviously is to Glass Arrow. Obviously, this is only against one target. The damage discrepency between old and new becomes  further exacerbated.

The following is the percentage reduction in power.

  • Barrage: 27.0% / 27.4%
  • Lileath’s Arrow: 17.4% / 12.8%
  • SFA: 24.0% / 24.5%
  • Flame Arrow: 6.4% / 9.1%
  • Glass Arrow: 71.5% / 71.5%

Are these the numbres you’re looking to have? Considering that the AoE damage coming from SW was never anything more than just suppression damage, I would say that it’s even less than that now. Also, maybe it’s just because of my stats, but it doesn’t look like SFA is being reduced by 30% like the tactic says (not that I mind). None of this takes into account the reduction in area, or the increased AP cost, this is a strict comparison of raw damage numbers.

I just realized, now that I think about it, the reason I didn’t see a straight 30% reduction with Sprial Fletched Arrow is because there is some mitigation due to the toughness that siege pads have. Sadly, I didn’t recrod the amount mitigated for each of the tests, so the percent damage reductions would actually have been greater for each skill.

1.3b Patchnotes

For the whole thing, go here.

“And there will be much wailing and gnashing of teeth.”  Matthew, 13:42

What I like to call, “Retarded”

retardThat would be the notes on the test server for Shadow Warriors with 1.3b. They are as follows:

Shadow Warrior
* The following abilities have had their radius reduced: Distracting Rebounds, Hunter’s Fervor, Instill fear, Outrider Patrol, Penetrating Arrow, Rain of Steel, Whirling Pin, and Whirling Rage.
* Barrage: This ability’s cost and damage have been reduced, and its build time removed. The ability will now hit all players in a line in front of the player.
* Flame Arrow: This ability’s cost and damage have been reduced, and its build time removed.
* Glass Arrow: This ability’s cooldown has been reduced, and its damage-over-time component removed. This ability is now a target-area-of-effect direct damage.
* Lileath’s Arrow: This ability’s radius, width, and damage have been reduced.
* Smoldering Arrows: This ability’s bonus damage to Flame Arrow has been reduced.
* Split Arrows: This ability’s radius has been reduced. Spiral Fletched Arrows will now do 30% less damage when this Tactic is slotted.
* Sweeping Slash: Reduced the ability’s radius and damage, and increased the cost.

Shadow Warrior
* Bullseye: This Tactic will now correctly proc.
* Keen Arrowheads: The duration of the snare on the ability “Takedown” will now upgrade properly with this Tactic slotted.

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