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wild huntThe herald just updated with two little tidbits of info it seems.

Love WAR? Love Apple products? Well rejoice, your day has arrived.

And apparently some new live eventis coming. It’s got a pretty picture of a useless Shadow Warrior right in the fore-front! Hurrah. A PvE zone accessed through an RvR area. Yippee. More PvE content. Just what we wanted…







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10 Responses to Mythic News

  1. theerivs says:

    Now City Sieges can suck on two platforms.

  2. Eyeball says:

    The live event is going to be a flop. So on Dark Crag 6 man groups are going to try to make it to the dungeon in a contested zone full of warbands that will probably camp the entrance.

    Why is everything 6 mans? Okay if its in the RvR zone make it a WB. The only fun part would be if they incorporated the LotD instance purging for it, but even than it won’t be much fun.

    Why not make it a little more exciting, and have a separate entrance for each faction, and you race to kill the final boss or something. Why just add PvE content to an RvR zone?

    Oh no I am about to die……I am running for the portal before the WB kills me.

  3. Firstto says:

    I’m going to give the Live Event the benefit of the doubt before I start sippin’ the hatorade. (Though I can completely see where people are concerned that its just going to be another Order Rickroll zergfest.)

  4. shadowwar says:

    Your guys concerns summed it up for the most part. It’s more PvE content in a game that is supposed to be all about RvR. The more additions that come to this game, the more it seems like they are desperatley wanting us to play a PvE game that you have to do some PvP for before hand.

    That’s not fun.

  5. Krosuss says:

    I don’t mind PvE. I feel it supplements the PvP and if there isn’t much action going on, one needs something to do. I feel they had this already in the pipe, made, built, and ready to go for the one-year anniversary well in advance. It wasn’t something they just put together.

    I am a Live Event Kook! I have many ALTs but two main toons I try to complete every Live Event task with.

    I know the new dungeon is PvE but to get there you must enter the active Elf RvR zone. Yes, there will be campers waiting to gank you and fight you as you try to enter. So there should be a lot of fighting going on. As the Live Event wears on many will probably opt to stay and fight, similar to how LOTD panned out.

    I also like the RvR PQ. That should be interesting trying to pass the hex from player to player.

    Remember the dungeon goes away after the Live Event ends. So it’s not something that will divert attention away from the main focus of the game. Which if we believe what they say should be fixed/revamped August/Septemberish? I hope so. On Iron Rock we pushed to the IC. Every instance was full for the most part. Definitely easier to defend than to attack. We couldn’t even sniff beating the PQ boss. As far as getting to the next stage we could top 92% VPs.

    • Eyeball says:

      I will tell you a little secret from Dark Crag. As soon as you get to IC log off your mains, and log on your alts 20-29 to do Undercroft Scenarios. Win about 5-10 of them, and you will get to Stage 2. The actual IC PQ means nothing, and I mean NOTHING for victory points. Once you get to stage 2 you will have 18 hours to farm the PQ 500 times until everyone on the server has full invader, and the purple bag which has a crit ring.

      I think one day I farmed IC for about 6 hours, and ended up with over 100 invader crests, full sets of invader, a purple bag ring, and about 10 pieces of invader in my bag. That is just one time in IC, and it happens almost daily to where most of destro have quit, and order too. It just isn’t much fun any more.

      • Firstto says:

        That’s just so sad on so many levels, lol.

      • Krosuss says:

        So you can lock Destro out of the IC for 18 hours? Wow. So they can’t do dungeons and it drops the city rating, right?

        On Iron Rock things are pretty balanced. Our push to the IC last night was the first time in over a month. Neither side has pushed to Stage 2 on our server. The last tie Destro was in Altdorf was around the time LOTD first released.

        I actually have a T1 Destro ALT on there. I don’t play it all that often but enjoy the T1 RvR. I’ve read how Order owns them on DC and how you guys are in the IC all the time. No wonder they are quitting. I’d be pretty demoralized, too.

  6. Radishlaw says:

    I thought past experience shows that PvE in RvR zone brings out people who normally avoid rvr, and focusing on 1 pairing will focus it further.

    RE: Situation at Dark Crag, I guess that’s why they have no choice but to revamp the endgame – they see that even a “star server” have great problem in the cities.

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