Breaking the wall

Sad news today for all Americans, and it hits home for those of us who play EVE.

Wilhelm’s post is better than what I could do at this point, so read it, and join us all in mourning for the loss of lives today.

A Reaction

Non-gaming post.

As an American, today is an interesting day for me. Like anyone over the age of 18, I remember exactly where I was in September 10 years ago. I was walking back from one of my classes to my apartment near the University of Florida’s campus, talking to one of my neighbors who I ran into randomly. The banality of the walk was in stark contrast to the impending reality I was about to face. Splitting company from my neighbor, I made the short walk across the grass courtyard of the complex to my apartment, entered the kitchen to make some toast, and then sat down on the couch to watch some TV in between my courses for the day.

The videos of the first tower going down were on every channel, so it was without fail that whatever station I tuned into, I was going to get the information that has become permanently brazed into the grey matter between my ears. It seems odd now, but at the time, my first reaction to what I saw was so nontraditional as to be laughable: I thought Die Hard was on. I sat down, jelly on toast in front of me, ready to watch John McClane kick some terrorist ass, as the slow realization started to drape itself on me in the physical manifestation of a tightening skin, and a parched mouth.

The recognition came in discernible blocks of processed information:

  • That’s not Chicago.
  • That’s one of the twin towers.
  • No buildings get reduced to foundations in any Die Hard.
  • Where’s Bruce Willis?
  • Real news logo in the corner.

I carefully put the plate of half-eaten toast on the coffee table and walked out into the courtyard, leaving my door wide open, and immediately walked over to a neighbors apartment. Everyone was friendly with each other, and doors were often left unlocked in the trusting habit of young adults who share close confines. I needed other humans around to help me process this profound shift in reality, and confirmation that I was, in fact, still sane. I entered their living room, and saw two others sitting on the couch, staring at the TV, and sat down in the chair, with barely a word spoken. No need for explanation of my presence, or announcement of the situation was needed.

The three of us quietly watched as the second tower fell.

Afterward, there was the expected male reaction from all of us; full of profanity’s, long exhales, proclamations of patriotic duty and potential actions as citizens. We were young, and had our world shaken like a can of paint, we had no similar experience to draw on for guidance on how to react, and we were blindly reaching about for something firm to hang onto for us to cope. Of course, that night, all of us got blindingly drunk – it was college. I recount this, as in endings (this is AN ending, not THE ending) you tend to look back at beginnings.

So, the announcement that bin Laden was killed yesterday by a U.S. military op doesn’t leave me a state of profound joy or elation. I didn’t really get the singing and exultation of people outside the White House last night, as I sat in bed watching the news report and the President’s address to the nation, while listening to my wife’s snoring heavy breathing. I don’t fully comprehend what celebration I should be taking part in here. I have a quiet satisfaction that the perpetrator of a heinous crime has been brought to justice, and that there is one less fear in the world, but I contrast that with the realization that the man who is now at the bottom of the ocean has probably been out of commission in terms of effectiveness for a while now. All these thoughts and feelings are only compounded by the sad idea that all of this came about by the death of many, MANY people.

So, I will joke, and find comments by people funny. I will even re-tweet humorous messages that tickle my funny-bone. Laughter is a great tool to use in dealing with a situation that exceeds our cognitive mind’s ability to process. It’s like a pressure valve necessary to stop the destruction of system, without it, joints will break, and everything will malfunction. Introspection will come later, and is a process of time. Let the political predictions, the jaded commentary, and the religious fervor fall to the wayside if you can. I’m going to try to just remember that, as heinous as it is, a form of man’s justice has been carried out by our amazing military/intelligence, and there is more humor in our attempts to self-regulate than I think most of us would care to admit.

Defeat the Vomit Dragon

I have eaten nothing more substantial than toast or quaffed anything more flavorful than diet Gingerale and Gatorade (strawberry-kiwi) since Monday. Today, with the help of a doctor at 4:15 pm, hopefully this evil beast can be slain.

Every day play

As a gamer, and an MMO enthusiast, I try to play a video game (an MMO if possible) every day, for at least half an hour. This is beyond games on my cell phone like Words with Friends, or Angry Birds, both of which are great games, but not what I consider “serious endeavors” in gaming time. There are days where this goals isn’t always possible, or where I have to sacrifice else-where to fit the time in. Thursdays are a good example of days where it’s more difficult for me to play around in my hobby.

Every-other Thursday my wife and I along with a small group of friends goes to a restaurant and play a hosted trivia. The Thursdays in between trivia, we have those same friends over for dinner and small-group faith discussions. Typically by the time that everything is said and done on either night, we’re not home and settled until 10:00pm or later,  which leaves precious little time for anything to be done after if I want to actually spend any time talking to my wife, watch a program together, or read a book in bed. Last night went particularly long, but I really wanted to get some Rift-time in, which I despaired of being able to do when I saw that the queue was an hour wait at 10-ish EST. I threw myself into the wait, and went to hang with the wife and watch some TV.

Around 11:45 or so, my wife went to bed, and I went back to check on the computer. There was my character select, and the temptation to just play for a short while was too much to resist. So, I sat down, jumped into the world of Telara, and got my Warrior to level 17 from a fresh 15, in just over an hour. My head hit the pillow at 1 am, and rose up from said pillow 5 hours later. 5 hours isn’t a lot of sleep for me, as I usually get about 7, to 7 and a half, and I’m feeling the difference, but I’ve also functioned off of FAR less (read: zero).

So here, I am, typing this post, while chugging down a Lo-carb Monster Energy drink, and eating some peanuts, and wondering, do other gamers play every day? What sacrifices do they make to do so? Do they consider it a worthwhile trade-of (as I do)? Habits of gamers vary I’m sure, but I don’t think I’m alone


Are almost over. Will officially have finished my AA, with an astounding 90-some credits. Yay for retarded school policies in regards to transfer credits!

Advisor: Yes, I see you got a B+ in English II at the University of Florida. Now, please sign up for English I here at our community college.


Actual conversation.


Feel free to ignore this post if you want something gaming related.

Go here. She’s funny, but has not approved my comment that I’m nearly 94.3% sure I left. It (the comment) was great, and talked all about how headphones while grocery shopping is a great way to avoid unwanted social interaction that I employ with a 99.67% success rate.

Also, this is the fourth time I have edited this post for formating/typo reasons.

Week Off

I’m going to take the rest of this week off. This has been a crazy week (and it’s only Tuesday!) personally and professionally, so I’m going to chill, and refresh my juices until sometime next week. Until then, go to any of the excellent websites on my blogroll, both Warhammer and non-Warhammer related. I’m sure you’ll find something that matches your taste.

Family forcibly supresses violent urges

I’m back from my extended weeklong family extravaganza! My mom showed up on our doorstep on Thursday night, and then my sister did the same with her husband in tow at in the evening of  Saturday. It was enjoyable to see them all again, and for my daughter to experience Grandma for the first time. Mid-day of Monday though,  my fingers were twitching a bit for want of violence and face-crushing PvP action. I sadly missed out on all of Khaine’s Embrace weekend, and hope that it will be back sometime in the near future. Right now, I’m sure I have a lot of reading to do, to play catch-up on what went down over the weekend, on twitter, the forums, and my blogger-in-arms compatriots. So, back to our regular scheduled programming, I’ll be talking with you shortly.

Should have focused on my Blackguard

I’m building up a lot of hate after this weekend.

Thursday and Friday I had to travel to survey a structure for work. It was an engineering lab. The plans we got from the school were terrible. Walls drawn with  one line, dimensions off, and the engineered portion of the work was unclear and poorly implemented. Then, throw in a dash of overly protective and inquisitive students, and my time there was not much better. To cap off the fun-times of the trip, I got a speeding ticket in a 200 yd speed trap. Yes, 200 yds the speed drop 10 MPH. Hawthorne, suck my nuts. The cop gave me the counties (elevated) ticket cost, PLUS another $100 because I have a shield on my licence plate that he says he couldn’t read my tag through. Suck a dick. The cap on top of this fun weekend was my daughter’s ear infection, and the 6 hours in the ER our pediatrician sent us to spend there, waiting to see a doctor to write a script for antibiotics. Who else is so glad they just passed that bill with an overwhelming bipartisan majority in the Senate that will infuse waiting rooms with even MORE people who treat the ER as a general practitioner?

*deep breath*

I’ll be okay, really.

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No dragons allowed

But you can stay in your dungeon.

This is a ridiculous ruling. It’s limiting imagination, and removing an outlet for people in prison. I’m not one of those people who think prisoner’s should have a lot of the amenities they do have (cable TV for starters), but I accept that people in prison need some type of outlet to keep them from going nuts. If letting them read books distracts them, I don’t see how you can single out one group of them. Unless an inmate is asking for the latest copy of, “Escaping from Jail for Dummies”, I don’t think we have anything to worry about. “Rationally related” my ass.