Love is a burnin’ thing,
And it makes a fiery ring
Bound by wild desire
I fell into a ring of fire

I fell into a burnin’ ring of fire
I went down, down, down and the flames went higher,
And it burns, burn, burns, the ring of fire,
The ring of fire

The taste of love is sweet
When hearts like ours meet
I fell for you like a child
Oh, but the fire ran wild

I fell into a burnin’ ring of fire
I went down, down, down and the flames went higher
And it burns, burn, burns, the ring of fire
The ring of fire

I fell into a burnin’ ring of fire
I went down, down, down, and the flames went higher
And it burns, burn, burns, the ring of fire
The ring of fire

Competition breads excellence

Pre-order Torchlight 2 via Steam.

I love when I see lots of options in one genre pop up around the same time. It means that all the competitors have to step up to really grab an audience, and consquently, it’s market share. It’s why I’m thrilled that the MOBA genre is finding new players, and returning old ones, all the time. The communal bar keeps getting raised with each release, and unique ideas or takes on any design is seen and implemented (not always for the better). Refinement and perfection as the grinding stones of competition make each game better.

Torchlight 2 looks very similar to the first one in terms of visual style, and I’m hoping not much has changed in terms of gameplay. There appears to be a bonus of multiplayer options, as well as a development kit, and some customization. Good steps for the game to make as long as it retains it’s level of execution.

Kill Report


I’ll always remember you as killmail, no matter how the world tries to change you.

It’s hard being bad

As an FYI, for those of you who play League of Legends, the default screen-capture key is F12. Not print-screen, like every other program invented to man, ever. I missed out on the AWESOME chat of my team calling me bad, and telling me I’m bad, and in general being a bunch of dick-wads and trying to tell me how to play. Would have been paired nicely with the below image. But them’s the breaks. God, being bad makes me sad.

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All about the dubya

Goblin silly.

That’s what my daughter would say. If she understood what was going on. Or even if she didn’t. She’s two and inevitably thinks everything is silly.

Having a goal in EVE is good. Some would even say necessary. Playing EVE without a plan is like investing in that property deal your wife’s second cousin told you about at that wedding that time. Possible, but probably not a good idea. Gevlon knows how to aim for a goal and work towards it, with machine-like efficiency and no regard for human needs of decompression and levity. Hell, there’s a lot I agree with the guy on, and truth be told, I think it would be amazing if something like this really happened. Not because I think it would be fun, or even good for the game, but because it would be amazing just to see.

Much as the Jita Burns escapade is interesting because it highlights the greatness of what you can do in a sandbox, universal space Empire of Null Sec is of the same ilk, only with more grandeur. It’s the aspiration of the Roman empire, in digital spaceship form. A Pax Goblina across all current null-sec space. But we all know what happened to Rome in the end.

Best of luck Gev, best of luck.

P.S. – It will never happen


Did you play in the Diablo 3 open beta this weekend?

Yes? You did? Along with every other anxious fan-boy (myself included!)?

Well great! It was fun wasn’t it? I know I enjoyed my time, it’s a great franchise.

While you’re thinking of the game, I’d like to point you to something you may not have been aware of. Path of Exile. It’s like Diablo 2 with a dash of the FFX sphere grid-thingie. Lots of fun, and a cool little caveat. F2P. Technically still in beta, but you can pay $10 to get a permanent spot in the beta’s and the equivalent shop “points”. I like to think of it as a $10 game, much like I did with Tribes: Ascend.

It’s good fun. Think of how much Blizzard removed in terms of personal class customization from the Diablo franchise, and then reverse the concept, and that’s how many options you have in PoE. Seriously, look at the skill tree. It’s ridiculous.

I did the unthinkable

I mined ore.

I did it poorly by any and all measures.

  • I used Miner 1’s.
  • In an Osprey.
  • With no skills for it except Mining III

There’s something to be said about the oppressive and pervasive boredom that bears down on you inside a wormhole that leads you to try new things. My previous endeavor to learn PI and suck the life juices from a planet has succeeded and the task seems old-hat now. A 10 minute chore to re-do extractor positioning every-day and then maybe 20 minutes to go out and retrieve the results every other day.

I’ve also started to explore the world of scanning. That’s something I’m trying to get faster at. It’s difficult to improve speed in an environment where speed isn’t important, but when it is, you want the speed. A catch-22 situation. It also doesn’t help (me) that we have a crew who are able to scan down sites basically first thing after the server comes back up. It is very helpful to the corporation though, and I’m thankful for their efforts. Still, I’m learning the interface and at least using the corp bookmarks to verify that I’m finding the same things they are at times.

I keep saying it, but you learn more about EVE every day. Yesterday’s lesson: the term “Static Wormhole” is used because as soon as you destabilize it and cause it to collapse, a new one immediately spawns. There’s only one static per WH as far as I know, but others can spawn that lead to other WH’s (maybe other K-space as well – not sure). As a group, we’ve been pretty good so far at “rolling” wormholes to the critical collapse point, and trying to maintain control of our own private space bubble.

Humorously, a corporation who are a self-proclaimed “High-Sec Nemesis Group” war-dec’d us. A mostly WH space corporation. Pretty humorous.

Sooner than soon

Soon turned into right-fucking-now.

We had a fortuitous worhmhole open up that made moving stuff in extremely simple. So last night I dived head first into the physics-bending reality of wormhole life. I made a little rat-next of things in K(known)-space, and then blitz-rushed it all in. It went smooth as butter, but the potential for a cluster-fuck was high. Traveling through lo-sec to get into W-space where anyone could be waiting on the other side was pretty thrilling. Turning what would be a dull transport run anywhere else, into an enjoyable experience. Amazing what can happen when you allow genuine emergent behavior in a game.

So after settling in, I start to peek into the depths of this particular rabbit hole in EVE. Your base of operations is your POS. That is surrounded by a big bubble of a force-field keeping your shit safe. Within the bubble are lots of various structures, most of which I don’t know what they do. Two important ones though are the hangar and an items bay. One for ships, and the other for stuffs™. There is no more ship-spinning or captain’s quarters in W-space that I can tell, you swap ships in the cold vastness of space, with only your pod to give you comfort. Outside of the bubble are lots of things with symbols I’m not really sure of, but I’m guessing are guns to keep would-be interlopers off your spot.

So, my near future includes spartan living in a bubble of sequestered space, dealing with intruders and finding ways to optimize profitability under the sickle and hammer of communist rule, while learning new facets of a deeply complex game-system.

What are you doing?

Enter wormhole, stop learning pewpew

Shamelessly pilfered image.

Recently, I joined the corporation of the evil one. I’ve been in for about a week now and I can tell the taint is spreading…

If you read his blog, you’ll know that the corporation has recently made the jump into wormhole space. This is what is known to most people as a “pretty big deal”. It requires an entire adjustment to the way you approach the game, and a monumental amount of work. For the unfamiliar, these are areas or “zones” that are tied off from any other area of space, except by random “zone lines” that connect to random areas. Inside physics can go haywire and cause strange effects on the properties of, well, anything. Choosing to live in one of these means having physical stations to dock/fit/basic life functions of a person. Planets need to be consumed, and clouds/asteroids need to be harvested to maintain a function space-structure. There are a lot of other activities that require a slew of different skill sets as well. For example: scanning.

When I first started playing this game (nigh three years back), I did do some scanning. Just enough to finish the tutorial. It was neat, but, meh, I wanted to blow stuff up. I never pursued it more, probably to my detriment. Turns out, it’s kinda useful. Lets you find other players in space, and super secret locations in dead space that haz phat lewts.

See, when I first heard about moving into a wormhole, my immediate thought was of epic battles to fight off invaders and maintain our hold on space. Turns out the invaders part is kinda true, but it’s more…tactical a situation. So, I’m finding that there are a number of things I need to learn, both in terms of skill queue and personal game ability, so that I can be an asset to the corporation. Scanning being one of those things.

I hope to actually move into the wormhole in the near future, but beyond the skill barrier, there are logistics I need to sort. Like how to get my important shit there with enough supplies to last a while. Seeing as it’s an island in the ocean perpetually cut-off from outside shipments.