My Wittle Hate-machine

Not really.

Not really.

So, I’m a few days in, and at level 18. Not a stellar leveling pace, but I’m making decent progress. I’m finding that I hate going through low level content for what, the fifth time (DoK, Original BG, SW, and KotBS), is even worse than the fourth. I really am wanting to grind my eyes out with dull, rusty spoons, then douse my empty eye sockets with ammonia every time I have to run around and do quests. Run to red blob, kill shit, return. The monotony is awful, if I find myself stuck doing it for more than 10 minutes, my attention wanders and my Alt-Tab skills improve exponentially as time goes on.

However, and this is a big however, that hasn’t happened much (you thought I was going to be all doom and gloom, gotcha!). In fact, it happens very rarely. Most of the time, I don’t wait more than 5 minutes between scenario pops. The process goes a little something like this:

  1. I’ll log into the game.
  2. QQ’er queues me up.
  3. I start to run to the nearest red blob.
  4. Half-way there, I get a scenario pop.
  5. PvP goodness.
  6. QQ’er queues me up.
  7. Finish running to red blob.
  8. Scenario Pop.
  9. PvP goodness.
  10. QQ’er queues me up.
  11. Finish quest or major step of quest.
  12. Scenario Pop.
  13. PvP goodness.
  14. Go to step 2 and repeat.

It’s glorious. Their are only a few downsides to this. Experience gain is not as good doing SCs over doing quests. It sucks, but it is more fun. It’s still a viable way to level, but just doing the PvE will get me to 40 faster. This is partially because destro tends to loose more right now in T2 than it does win, about a 65/35 split in orders favor. Apparently, on this server, Destro is predominantly west-coast, and order is east-coast, which could account for why it’s hard to have a better pool of players to draw from earlier on, and why I notice we start putting up better fights as the evening goes on.

The other negative is the limited amount of T2 scenarios available, only 3. I know, I know, I’m spoiled by tier 4 and it’s vast array of scenarios available, 6 at most times, with different ones closed and open depending on the campaign status. I don’t care, I want more. I want diversity. I’m so freakin’ sick of running Morkain’s Temple over and over again, I want to scream. Yes, I’m happy for the constant PvP, but too much of anything is a bad thing. Still, I’d rather be doing Morkain’s Temple than the umpteenth iteration of “kill 10 high-elf archmage models, and 20 high-elf swordmaster models, and 5 high-elf shadow-warrior models, then read a scroll to tell you all about how awesome they thought they were and laugh and their foolishness as you realize your evil, dark, emo superiority.”

As to the class itself, it has been a long time since I played my original Blackguard seriously (December I think it was, right after release), but it has it’s ups and downs. I can see the problems that a lot of the community is talking about from these early levels. Management of hate is huge hassle. There seems to be a lack of cohesion between the abilities in terms of expenditure and maintaining hate. When I look at my time as a DoK, Soul Essence was managed far better it seems, the flow between AP and SE seemed natural, fluid, and predictable. With hate, it feels clunky and erratic. At times it will take me a long time to get to 100, and other times I seem to be full before I even realize it. The power of the class seems decent, I can absolutely tell the difference between when I have a healer paying attention to me, and when I do not. If I have someone keeping me up, I can really seem to put a dent in the enemy, but when not, I fall fast.

I’m interested to see how it goes as I progress further along. I never really got to do much in the way of PvP the first time through with a BG, so I never got a strong feel for how it operates on the driver-side. As a SW I rarely ever saw them around, and I completely ignored them if they had a shield. I know that if they go all out defense, they are steel balls of in-destruction, dipped in concrete, covered in iron with a cherry on top, and a 2″ wet noodle for a weapon. They get ignored completely, I run around them and let someone else take care. Hell, I can only think of one prominent BG on our server who even plays, not a single damn one, other than this one, stands out in my mind.

Oh well, I’m rambling now, I’ll keep you all updated with my thoughts and ideas on the class as time progresses. It should be an interesting trip if nothing else.


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2 Responses to My Wittle Hate-machine

  1. Firstto says:

    Funny, I have the same list with my Chosen in T3! 😀

    • shadowwar says:

      It’s kind of nice, not something I’m used to. I have never had pops like this on any of my characters other than my first one during opening week.

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