CCP compensates EVE players

You may not be aware, but EVE recently had a long and extended downtime. The reason was that they were physically relocating the server cluster and had to do some  unexpected testing. They knew the downtime was going to be significant (about a day), but it ended up being significantly longer, by about 12 hours if my memory is serving me correctly. Most games would have people up in arms, throwing fits, and I’m sure EVE had its share, but overall, the shallow end of the EVE community I swim in seemed like calm waters. Still, in a game where training takes place in real-time, and skills advance in real-time and sometimes need days or weeks to finish a skill, that’s a good chunk of missed training potential. CCP realizes that, and is responding in kind to its customers in this unprecedented incident with a commiserate response. They announced a new pool of skill points to apply, that should be available in a hotfix on Tuesday, as well as another gift to all pilots.

Good stuff, and I have to say again, CCP and EVE is continuing to impress me with its ability, competency, and overall incredible vision and implementation. EVE is looking more and more like a game that could pull me away from WAR full-time if I let it, and I can’t let that happen till I hit at least RR80 on my Knight. My current social goal in-game is to check out the Red vs. Blue factions and see what some of the PvP is like, and my goal of increasing my security status still stands. Thankfully for the later, some helpful forum goers gave me the details on the system and how to best go ratting when trying to buff it up.

Rock that city

1.3.5 is coming today. In fact, servers come down not 16 minutes from the time that I am writing this. If you follow the second link to the herald post, you’ll see a nice splash page that goes over the broad ideas of what this patch is brining and some neat screen captures from the game as it relates. Follow the first link to the notes themselves for a far more in-depth explanation of all the changes coming, and this patch is a beast of an update, coming in at 10,124 words. Yeah, reading it all will take you some time, so I’ll try to hit the highlights.

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The City Siege, and how it Works

As you should be aware from the blitzkrieg of information coming to you, the working city changes have been released. They cover an absolutely massive chasm in a shift of the way that the end-game is going to work. A complete and utter over-haul. The transmission was ripped out, and the engine block was revamped. So, our old charger has been revamped into a beast of a muscle car. Sexy and big, ready to eat up whatever gets put before it.

Okay, maybe the car metaphor strayed a bit, but keep reading anyway.

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WAR: 1.3.4 Preview

You can read it here.

The most tangible news in the mix is concerning the weapons. Not purchased via medallions/crests, but with a new system through scenarios. SQUEEEE!!! My favorite part of the game currently, and the thing I take part the most in. We have no real ideas what the system will be, or how it will behave, but it’s coming. So, while this post doesn’t contain a whole lot of information, it has some, and that’s good.

I’d love to see Mythic get back to communicating with the player base like they were in the Fall of 2008. There doesn’t need to be a lot of quality content in the updates, just a line here or there to say they are aware, they are working, and they care. The player base is the mob, and the mob is fickle. Placate them, entertain them, and they will be yours.

Shut up, I can use lines from Gladiator if I want to!

Also, this whole thread goes on for a ways, and Andy seemed to be fairly active in it. My favorite back and forth was this tidbit.

  • Shuguard: does this mean thunder valley is scrapped? hurray
  • Andy: Maayyyyybe 


Of Global Conquest


I found an email in my box today from Global Agenda. Of particular note was the following letter.

ATLANTA, Oct. 20, 2009 – Global Agenda players will be able to experience the major features of the game after a one time purchase via digital download or box sale, with no monthly subscription required. An optional subscription package called  Global Agenda: Conquest will be available for those players who wish to participate in the persistent Alliance vs. Alliance territory control game-play and access ongoing content updates.

“Throughout our Beta process, our fans, players and reviewers have consistently told us that Global Agenda’s combat system is exceptionally fun and that they would love to play it as a multiplayer shooter” said Todd Harris, Executive Producer. “This single-purchase, non-subscription model will enable players to fully experience Global Agenda’s award-winning persistent shooter gameplay.”

“At the same time, many players are seeking a deeper experience, and want to engage in large-scale campaigns between player-created groups over limited territory and resources.  These players can opt for the Conquest subscription plan which includes our persistent AvA world domination gameplay, and other features typically associated with MMOs.”

The specific features associated with each pricing option are as follows:

Global Agenda (one time purchase – $49.99 MSRP) includes:

  • Creation of up to eight different agent characters
  • Character visual customization
  • Access to all combat weapons and devices
  • Cooperative Player vs. Environment missions against the Commonwealth NPC faction, AI-controlled enemies, and Boss Fights
  • Matchmade Player vs. Player missions with five different game types and over 20 unique maps
  • Character progression through 30 levels
  • Achievement and unlocks system for individual characters
  • Player Inventory for suits, flair, dyes, upgrades, and loot
  • Virtual Reality practice fighting area
  • Vendors and accumulation of in-game currency
  • Text chat with multiple channels
  • Built in voice chat during missions
  • Ability to join an established player-created agency
  • All play is on our single-shard, hosted server environment to ensure convenient and consistent gaming experience.
  • Ability to sign up for one free month of subscription at registration (credit card required, can be cancelled at any time)

Global Agenda:  Conquest ($12.99 per month, $11.49/mo for 3 month, $9.99/mo for 6 month) includes:    

  • Access to Alliance vs. Alliance (AvA) World Domination gameplay
  • A massive scale campaign between player created agencies and alliances over scarce territory and resources on a persistent world map.
  • Attack and Defend Territories in zones that match your agency’s schedule
  • Agency and Alliance Management – Create and maintain persistent player groups and officer ranks
  • Creation and Upgrading of Facilities – Control production and output
  • Base Raids – involving up to 60 players per side; coordinated between 6 different strike teams within linked territory instances
  • Agency Achievement System, Leveling, and Recognition
  • Auction House with bidding and buyouts
  • Mail System
  • Upgrade Text and Voice chat to support multiple channels and strike teams
  • Player Crafting with blueprints
  • Additional character customization options including elite character suits, dye colors, and seasonal flair
  • Ongoing Co-Op content at max character level
  • Ongoing AvA content, multiplayer PvP content, and new social areas

Global Agenda is currently in closed beta testing and scheduled to be development complete by the end of this year toward a Q1 2010 release.

So it seems that the game is going to be a fully realized single player game, with coop gameplay. I’m thinking of Diablo style (or dare I utter the word, Hellgate?). I hate to do it, but the pricing plan and release type of the game seems VERY similar to the disastrous Hellgate: London. Hopefully, their “Conquest” plan, is more MMO-ish than not, or else I think people’s expectations will be let down. Two dollars a month less than standard MMO charges aren’t enough to drastically change perception. Though, if the $10/month sticks around after launch (unlike Champions – you bastards!) it might be enough to alter the view.

Producer’s Letter

From Warhammer. Read and be informed, I still have to myself.

Where have I been?


Do a google-image search for MIA, not what you expect.


Lots and lots of gaming.

I also tried to make a post from my iPhone on Sunday using the WordPress app, but it sucks terribly in the picture uploading department, so I gave up on it. I was grilling some chicken for the wife and I after a weekend of light house-upkeep stuff (yard work, cleaning, etc…) and gaming. Had a great picture of the sun dipping behind the clouds on the horizon, and the piece was called “Lazy Sunday”. You really missed out on a quality paragraph thanks to that crappy application. But, lets move on to more pertinent information that you come here for.

With my recent slew of Champions posting, many of you may have gotten the mistaken impression that I’ve left WAR by the wayside. This would be very untrue. No, it’s not getting quite as much playtime as before, but I am still playing, and frequently. I love the PvP the game offers too much to leave it be. Yes, despite all the nay-sayers, doom-predictors, and general disdain that you find so readily throughout the forums, I really enjoy WAR.

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Mythic News

wild huntThe herald just updated with two little tidbits of info it seems.

Love WAR? Love Apple products? Well rejoice, your day has arrived.

And apparently some new live eventis coming. It’s got a pretty picture of a useless Shadow Warrior right in the fore-front! Hurrah. A PvE zone accessed through an RvR area. Yippee. More PvE content. Just what we wanted…







Voice of the Future

Someone's totally awesome collection.

Someone's totally awesome collection.

Damn, and here’s a related article.

They’re making it very, very difficult not to get spun-up excited about this game. Other than the amazing endeavor they’re setting out to complete, and the quality of it’s progress so far seen in the video, did you pay attention to the gameplay?

I did.

The fact that almost the entire UI disappears during conversations will really help with the immersion of this game. It seems like the only remaining element is the conversation wheel for you to interact with, which is brilliant. During the actual combat, we got glimpses of “Darthevil’s” UI setup. Chat in the top left, map in the bottom right, one row of skills in the middle. Seemed pretty standard. What was more impressive to me, was the actual combat animations. That Sith was right in the mix, it looked as if he was really engaged in the combat.

I’ll spare you all my nerdgasm over the blue/red duel-wield sabers, and keep that tucked down, deep inside.

We’ll make a killing!

The ProducersSo, we have a new letter to the fans of WAR. This time round it’s penned by Jeff Skalski. In it, he talks about the current focus on giving us more information, and trying to be open about the intended direction of the game that we’re all playing. To follow words with action, he gives us more words. Specific words. Words about actual changes and intent. These are good words. Obviously you can read them for yourself, but since you’re here, I’m guessing you’d like to hear what I have to say about it as well. If so, please keep reading.

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