Please tell me

I’m wanting to further refine my blogroll. I know a lot of the blogs I have in “General Gaming” really are general gaming blogs, but I really want to start breaking down blogs on their primary focus, particularly what game you look at the most if you do such a thing. I’m sure I have some on there that look at only one game primarily, but God knows if I can remember it until I click the link, and by then, my desire to polish is gone. So, if you’re on there and feel like you are incorrectly categorized, let me know, and I’ll move you around.

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6 Responses to Please tell me

  1. Tim Young says:

    Well, we are very general gaming over here at ICP. I guess if anything, we are trying to be a news site, first and foremost.

  2. Nithe Gamer says:

    Well, you got mine right. Since I’m in the Aion Beta I’m very focused on it right now.

    But I’ll look threw your links later and let you know if I think any of them need re-categorizing.

  3. naamah88 says:

    Just added you to my blogroll. Been reading you for awhile but I am slow at adding. Heres my blog:

  4. theerivs says:

    I like to think of my site, as more of a porn website, with more words.

  5. theerivs says:

    HAHA Is that a dare? LOL!

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