There’s been a lull in my writing. It’s for a bunch of reasons. Work’s more restrictive policy of internet used coupled with being busier at work having been saddled with another giant BIM project as of two weeks ago are two of the main culprits. Elsewise, I’m playing two older, very well-balanced MMOs (EQ2 and EVE online), the second of which I haven’t really been playing other than to queue up skills. I haven’t been playing EVE because my internet has been completely unreliable. I lost my connection eight times in less than two hours Monday night – luckily, servicemen are coming tomorrow to hopefully fix it. Oh, and school, school started agin.

I’m not gaming much, and I’m certainly not reading other blogs nearly as much. I’m missing how I used to write every day, and I’m trying to figure out a way I can do that. I’ve tried it from my phone, and it just feels, unnatural. I don’t know how Scary does it – I need a keyboard in front of me to express my words, a very tactile responsive extension of my thoughts as my hands work their way across the letters and symbols of our language. Writing with my thumbs seems strange and alien to me – thumbs are for the spacebar.

Things at home are going to be getting better connection wise, so my gaming will open up a bit more. I won’t have to avoid EVE and LoL for fear of being stranded vulnerable in space or leave a team a player short (respectively). Time-wise though, I’m not sure what I’ll have, and I still have the hurdle of not being able to use work time to do reading/writing for the blog. I’ll need to find a way to jump that, and it may be that I write and read from home more frequently at the detriment to gaming.

Still working on my German via Rosetta Stone too, which you probably know if you follow me on Twitter – which is another reason for lack of updates. A lot of the short ideas I have that used to turn into full on posts wither and die on the vine of 140 character micro-blogging tools. Blame this current age of instant access, quick media, and social networking for the ADHD inclined as part of the dearth of posts of late. I’m making no promises still, as I always said I wouldn’t, but I really still want this to remain a place for me to come and write about what I’m doing for my own sake as much as for the relationships and discussions I’ve built over time with this thing.

Oh and I still really REALLY want to explore the topic of Fair that I broached a couple of weeks back.