Huh. Friday? You don’t say.

How do I feel about GW2 and the head start in two days? Go read Syp’s, um, consternation, over the delay.

I’ll wait.



Now, a mental exercise. Take the entirety of what he wrote, and reverse it. The logical inverse if you will.

TADA! You understand where I’m at.

I’ll be playing on Friday, probably. May wait till Saturday. Kinda depends on what my alliance is doing in EVE and if Dust514 doesn’t seem more appealing.

So there you go.


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3 Responses to Huh. Friday? You don’t say.

  1. Mr. Meh says:

    I know you are buddies with Syncaine, so I don’t talk a ton of trash in your earshot. Generally, he upsets me. I tend to greatly disagree with his manners on most every idea ever. Greedy Goblin is about the only other former WOW blogger that can annoy me greater. I should see them as polar opposites, but somehow they go hand in hand.

    Doesn’t matter. His post, I actually agreed with practically 95%.

    21 servers does seem to me disasterous. Or atleast annoying.

    When you know what you sold, you should have servers ready for it. ~25K a server is not really acceptable.

    If we take it a bit deeper than Syncaine’s basic math, we have to factor server openings at Midnight. Which will basically space out die-hards and more casual players. If nothing else it will space the kids from the adults who willmore likely have to sleep. That’s still over 10K in the first couple of hours. And that still seems tough to do.

    RIFT messed up. And tried to open with the same number of servers. Sure enough, they did this terrible advertising gimic and every couple of hours would go “Oh …. look how many people like RIFT. I guess we need to open more servers.”

    Nothing is more frustrating than that. You can see your own sales. Don’t act like you didn’t know you sold 1.3 million.

    If GW2 is anythign like NCSoft controlling AION, then I’m out. 8 hour queues for 2 months straight is completely unacceptable.

    I hear Syn on this one. It’s not enough servers. We don’t have to be experts to know. All we have to do is remember other games. Midnight release or not, you are still dancing on coals for no reason, ArenaNet.

    • Mr. Meh says:

      haha. Just realized you linked Syp (BioBreak) and not Syncaine’s rant on Servers. Too many windows open.

      Comment still stands becuase it’s kind of on topic. Kind of.

      • Shadow says:


        Turns out, it probably wasn’t enough servers, since they had a bit of issues earlier on. Wasn’t a terrible, multi-day (or even one-day) downage. I do wonder what may happen tommorrow when the greater masses come in. I had this conversation on mumble last night, that those of us here, in the game that pre-purchased/ordered, don’t fully appreciate that we really are a bit of the minority. The ones that were on right at server opening, were in a way the hardcore of the hardcore.

        Tangentially but on topic to your reply: WAR’s problem at launch was far too many servers. It split and fractured the community badly and caused population problems down the line I feel. Having a certain mass of people was important for WAR, and GW2 is basically WAR reskinned, with perfect realm balance and 3 factions. So that population critical mass willbe important to maintain. On the plus GW2 feels more to me like WAR than any other game I’ve played, and I didn’t get that feel during the beta so much as now in the headstart. So I’m a happy consumer.

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