Look Ma’!

Kind of cool, apparently I’m getting a lot more traffic here in my corner of the inter-web. Juvenile comments about being ranked 69th are, as always, more than welcome. I am honestly surprised at how many reads I’m getting lately, and am completely honest when I say that it is not what I expected in the slightest.

Thanks to everyone who are coming on through, I  hope you are at least distracted for a moment while reading my page. Special thanks to the Age of Blogging initiative and the great community we have of WAR bloggers, you are all a great bunch.

Edit: I just checked my gmail account, and I had two direct emails from readers/passer-bys and it was really awesome, in the traditional sense of the word. One was from our much-beloved Paul with words of encouragement and suggestions (thank-you), and the other was from a lady named Denise. Your email was incredibly touching, and meant the world to me, I hope I can continue to provide you with a source of internet information and discussions in lieu of face to face conversations with your peers.


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