KESA my Ass-a

One of the pioneers of on-line game play, Dr. Bartle, invented a test that is kind of the weather vane for what you like to do, and breaks it down into four simplistic categories. Killer, Explorer, Socializer and lastly Achiever. These four different types of player are the primary driving goals in game participation.The Killer, of course, likes to kill things. They seek, above all else, the challenge of conflict, and pitting their skills against an opponent. Explorers enjoy the reality of the world they are in, and the thrill in discovering new places and locales. Socializers are in it for the companionship, most frequently, members of a guild, and constantly seeking ways to interact with the community. Lastly, Achievers like to get stuff. The stuff can be levels or the the infamous “new hat”, but whatever it is, they like to the dedication it requires to achieve it.

Syp, over at WAAAGH!, apparently has moments of extreme Achiever. The amount of time he details about spending on one unlock makes my skin crawl. Every now and then, I might get a bug up my butt to do something along those lines, but for the most part, unlocks and the flashiest sword are low on my list of priorities.

Me, I’m a KSEA. That kind of makes this game perfect for me. I love conflict and personal challenges, but I’m also an incredibly outgoing and amiable person. I’ve always thought it amazing when large groups of people can get together and work in such unison that they can succeed at a task that all of them striving for separately could never even dream of achieving. This is, in part, why finding a good guild is so important to me. If I can get along with the people I’m fighting side by side with, it’s of no use to me.

Looking back over my gaming history, I see now that what I really liked about playing the games was very much the cooperation with a lot of others toward a common goal. Before WAR, I never had much of a chance to go into direct conflict with other people in an MMO where a system was set up for it from the start, and implemented well. I’d get my killer fix by stomping my wife in Mario Kart, or trouncing my brother in Wii Boxing (only to then lose to my 3 year old nephew). Thanks to Mythic, for giving me this chance!

How about you? What drives you? Have you taken the test, and if so, do you find it to be an accurate portrayal of where you fall as a gamer? Does this information help you see your past gaming habits in a new light?


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One Response to KESA my Ass-a

  1. Syp says:

    I make my own butt crawl, too!

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