targetTry to pronounce that string of consonants followed by a vowel. I dare you. You’ll look like a giant idiot, but it will be fun. When you tire of trying to decipher seemingly random letters, you can head here, and find out what it’s all about, or you can keep reading this post. Obviously, I’m hoping you stick it out.

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Look Ma’!

Kind of cool, apparently I’m getting a lot more traffic here in my corner of the inter-web. Juvenile comments about being ranked 69th are, as always, more than welcome. I am honestly surprised at how many reads I’m getting lately, and am completely honest when I say that it is not what I expected in the slightest.

Thanks to everyone who are coming on through, I  hope you are at least distracted for a moment while reading my page. Special thanks to the Age of Blogging initiative and the great community we have of WAR bloggers, you are all a great bunch. Read more of this post

Blogging Minutia

There are a bunch of little things I’d like to do here to the site. I’m still not 100% happy with the appearance and layout, though I do like it immensely for an out-of-the-box setup. So, I’d like to change that up a bit to be more in-line with where I want to take this. As I mentioned earlier, I’m also going to be loading up Shadow Warrior abilities/tactics/morale abilities. I’ve made good progress on that so far, I’ve got all the images I need of them all saved on my hard drive, I just now need to clean them up, and upload them, then present them (okay so I have step 1 of 4 done). I’d also like to do something to increase traffic, and I hope discussions, through here. The Age of Blogging initiative has helped tons in that regard already. My daily tracking numbers have doubled in a day, which is impressive. Someone mentioned an RSS feed in a comment. What is that? What does it do? How do I set one up? Read more of this post