Seeds of Conflict

There are a lot of different ways to participate in PvP in EVE Online. Dependent on the sector of space you’re living in, you need to adjust your style and be cognizant of the rules of space you are currently in. For players living in null-sec space, conflict is never further than your desire to engage a target. In contrast, in high-sec space, there are rules to engagement, and similarly, enforcement of said rules. The enforcers are known as CONCORD. The sectors of space that CONCORD technically protects are 1.0 down to 0.1. However once a player goes below 0.5 space, no CONCORD patrols will come to kill aggressors, and their presence is found only in the nature of sentry guns around some stations and stargates. Additionally, aggression in ANY sector of space from 1.0 to 0.1 will result in a negative impact to your security status, which affects your ability to travel in hi-sec space without getting popped by the police.

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Initial Review

reviewI recently made a response on one of Keen’sposts, that made me realize that I think I can speak with enough specifics and authority on the subject matter, that a “first impressions” review of Champions Online would be merited, and not just me gushing with new shiny, fanboi love. I think I’ve experienced enough different aspects of the game, and been exposed to a good amount of systems for me to be able to see how the game is going to preform as I make my way through it. For those that want just the bare-bones opinion, or a TLDR version if you will: I like the game, there is a whole lot going for it, but I still don’t think it will be a giant success. 

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Integrate Scenarios and ORvR?

Black & WhiteIs there a way this can be done?

I got to mulling it over after reading a post from The Greenskin.

The community seems to be split into a few factions on how much emphasis should be placed upon ORvR and Scenarios. By my accounts, there are the anti-Scenario-ers, the Scenario-fatics, and the Scenario-ambivalent. The most vocal tend to be the first and second group, and the third tends to only give their opinion on threat of water-boarding (I call them hippies, make a decision hippie!).

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121-ae-diagramWell, a preview of the patch notes were put up, and discussed in two seperate places. The one from MbJ can be found here, and it is just a general preview of what will be coming out with this update. For a subsidary patch, it sounds like it is pretty hefty, which usually means good things. There was no explicit mention of Shadow Warriors anywhere in the mix here, so my hopes and dreams aren’t soaring at any moment. Conversely, there was no mention of any class, so I’m not really hurt about it either. It just is what it is.

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The Importance of Being Skilled

geek_flow_chart_nytMany people laud Warhammer as being a game more dependent upon the skill of the player over other games that depend more upon a lucky string of crits/stuns/attacks/perfect combo/etc… Still others have claimed that no MMO has ever really needed copious amounts of skill, just time and a general understanding of game function. I stumbled uponan interesting quote while browsing the blogs out there that got me thinking on what skill means in online play, and the different manifestations it takes.

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Beware the Shadow

shad6Oh how I wish people did. I don’t particularly see us as a feared class. I don’t recall anyone bemoaning the kill-power of the Shadow Warriors when I played on the side of Destruction. I also don’t see us WTF-PWNing enemies all of the time. I do see us falling pretty quickly, but is that just my own view of things? Is the reason for the small amount of changes to our class in the 1.2 patch notes because we are already are considered to be a well balanced class? Read more of this post

The better part of valor…

sir-robinShadow Warriors are squishy.

I know, I know, it looks  like we’re wearing chain mail, and so, should have a medium rating, but we don’t. We wear light armor, and as far as I’m aware, so do the other casters (nothings lighter than light, ya’ know?). Sure, we can go into assault spec, and have our armor doubled, but that limits our range and puts us into melee combat. Something that should be counter to the idea of how we are supposed to accomplish our task of “shooting you in the face”™. I’ve got a couple suggestions that I think would would help greatly alleviate some of the problems we as a class are currently facing. Read more of this post

From the Choppa’ Block

The community at large has been eagerly awaiting the release of the last two classes for WAR. After the successful release of the Black Guard and the Knight of the Burning Sun, people have been clammering for the damage delivering devils of Destruction, and Order (I told you about that alliteration thing). Until semi-recently, no-one was particularly fired up about Order’s Dwarven Hammerer. Probably because he was as awesome as a slap in the face. Read more of this post