Of Underdogs, Kings, Vultures, and Colossi

Believe it or not, this is a "King Vulture"

I don’t know if the plural of Colossus is actually Colossi, but Colossuses just sounded retarded, so I’m going for it.

The weekend was an intense one in the world of Warhammer on the Gorfang server. I knew there was a buzz in the air every time I played. It seemed as if zones were flipping for us more quickly, and Order was running over opposition every time they ran into them. Zergs of Order, surfing their way around the world, destro serving as nothing more than a speed-bumb on their march to the city (mixed metaphors are totally awesome when intentional). The new underdog is working decently, if the intent is to try to even out both sides access to the city, and let the underdogs feel like they can make a difference too. The boon to the losers is really noticeable at two points. Once two points are reached, Order on Gorfang really picks up its pace.

That said, I really wish that the cities weren’t being attacked with the frequency that they are. It seems to me like the system is still a bit broken or working in a manner different from what was originally proposed. I was under the impression that the underdog points were only supposed to be assigned when a city was actually captured, i.e. the invaders reach Stage 2. Currently, UG points are assigned on every invasion, which happens multiple times a day. In practice, this is working out well by giving both sides a great way to see the other’s city, but whenever Forts get reintroduced (or some other slow-down method), the system is probably going to have a far less impact. I eagerly look forward to that day. I also look forward to Warlord PQs in Inevitable City not being completely ridiculous and more comparable to the ones in Altdorf.

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Weekend WARrior

I spaced out early last week when it comes to this blog. After a years worth or writing, I guess I needed to put the fingers to rest for a bit. That said, let’s move on to todays topic: the totally awesome weekend I had of playing WAR. I don’t do the rote “here’s what I just did” thing too often, and I don’t want to talk about just that today either, I want to look at why this weekend stood out for me. What did I do differently that made this past weekend a topic-worthy event?

As most of you are probably aware, I almost exclusively run with my guild. If you’ve been paying attention, you’ll also see that my guild has never had more than 12 members, and until recently we had maybe six. So, given that, I have grown incredibly used to five and six man teams, running around, bombing the crap out of every blip that crosses our screen. If it’s red, it’s dead. Our focus is SCs. We stay away from the lakes most of the time, unless it’s a keep defense, because those are awesome. Attacking a keep is a snore-worthy event that makes me want to take a cheese grater to my face. It’s terrible. If you read way back when, you might remember that I was in a REALLY big guild before. Probably the zergiest of zerg guilds Order side. So, I’ve done my time in small group play in SCs/RvR, I’m clocked in the zerg-fest of Keep takes/BO hunting, I did the necessary PvE of city dungeons and LV, and I’ve paid my dues solo’ing on my SW while waiting for the rest of my guild to come back and play. I’ve played in most aspects of the game, and found the parts that make me happiest. That said, this weekend, I did some stuff I haven’t done in a long time, or never had before.

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Early Impressions

SNL LindaI’ve had a busy couple of days. Between the release of Land of the Dead, a recent character development for my Shadow Warrior, my happy return to a five-day/fourty-hour work week,  my wife’s triumphant entrance into her second trimester (she still just seems to want to sleep for 12 hours a day), the regular grindstone for my summer classes, and the oh-so-joyish Florida-summer yard-work, I feel as if I haven’t had a whole lot of time to sit down and document the things that are noteworthy, or might be interesting to anyone who walks through here. So, I’m going to give an update of where I stand in regards to the game with a recent change I’ve made, a brief look at how I’ve been playing the game lately, and a brief glimpse what I’ve seen of Land of the Dead (particularly Tomb of the Vulture Lord) so far.

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It’s here

Land of the Dead has finally arrived. Officially. Order won the advance day access on 9 of the 14 servers for North America. Anyone surprised? Me either.

Meh, I’ll check it out when I get home, but I’m not expecting much.

“Meh”, about sums it up

meh_catSo, the live event for the Lands of the Dead release, and the patch for 1.3 came out yesterday. As the title of this post shows you, I’m not particularly impressed so far. I played for an hour or so on both my DoK and on my Shadow Warrior, and got a handful of the targets finished to earn my some check marks in the special tab for this. I have yet to do the PQ on either of them, as it apparently only starts once every hour (maybe I’ll be lucky enough to partake tonight). What can I say about this event and patch? Not much really.

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Executive Producer’s Letter, part 2

ancient-letterI never even knew there was a part 1. Talk about dropping the ball on that one. Well, if you really want to go there to read it, you can just follow this link. Or, if you would like the whole thing with the ease of staying in my lovely domain, just keep on reading. I’ll even be so kind as to give my opinion on some of what is said in there. I know that’s why you’re really here, my charming wit, and devilish tongue is able to whip up a conversation piece into a steaming froth of hectic rhetoric (i.e. skip to the bottom for the condensed version). You know you love it.

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Coming soon!

Coming-soonWell, the pre-download for 1.3 is now out there for us all to get our grubby little hands on. Also, reports from Massively.com, have the release date of Land of the Dead set to be the 16th. I know we’re all waiting breathlessly in anticipation for the cataclysmic change this will bring to the game, so try not to pass out. I know I’ll be jumping in game when it drops to try and gank some bitches in dungeons or at a PQ.



Apparently, there was an error in the code. So please, feel free to use the decyphered answer I have displayed below to get your scarabs. Better hurry, that 1k will run out fast!

Oh, also, Rivs, our favorite Chosen, got a box of swag. And he doubted their love of his class.

And one of our last set of bones have been delivered I believe. Lagwar brings us the A, Z, and Q.

Will the owner of the “F” please stand up?

Hey, another blogger got some bones! Ysharros from Sylish Corpse got some lovin’ as well. She got the E, Y, L C, and N. We still have yet to see the “F” bone, but it’s nice to see the love go out to multiple places.

In case you hadn’t noticed

oklahoma_land_rushYou should now have enough letters to solve one of the cartouches the easy way. For the extra observant and dedicated, you can find it two posts down!

Apparently, the glare on the Massively cartouche is hiding a vital piece of information, and the fourth letter is not actually an “I”. Only the A, F, Q, and Z haven’t been varified yet, sooo…. well, I’ll leave the rest up to you.

King Tutt would be proud


Here is an update on the Warhammer glyph-ridden Land of the Dead blogger event. Keen and Graev have recieved skull parts with the latest piece of the puzzle, and Kotaku and MMORPG.com have received a cartouche each.

So far, I’m saying that respectively, they answers to the two are:

X E M _ N _ O B E K

D J H _  D T U M N _


The red are guesses, as the glyph presented on the skulls is different in a minor way than a similar one sent to the various bloggers. In the blogger-received one, the two interior lines are perpendicular to each other, and the horizontal line rests on a tangential point to the lower curve. Whereas the glyph on the skull has interior lines that are emanate more from the radius of the curves and don’t appear to intersect. It’s a somewhat minor difference, but I feel it is significant enough to hold off on claiming certainty in the matter just yet.

Here is another updated listing of the glyphs sent out so far. I’m actually keeping track of this now on good stock paper in a ringed sketchpad, so I’ll be making updates as they come in.

Edit: Updated with info from Rainbow MMO. Also, can confirm those are in fact “N”s.

Part 2:

Massively has posted there cartouche just a bit ago as well. I have this one figured out also, as it didn’t add any new letters that I needed. Sadly, Kotaku’s cartouche is still giving me fits, and I’m not going to go through the remaining 210 possible solutions I have for it to see if I’m correct.

Edit: Werit has recieved a package as well.

Well, we all know and love him, buy Syp at BioBreak has recieved some glyphs as well. Giving us the X, K, and D.

Edit: Massively quickly responded with a new picture that showed the fourth glyph in full form, and while similar to the “I” we saw on Keen and Graev’s site, I think it is different enough to say that it may not be it. That still only leaves us with a few letter not released, so if you’re the persistant kind, I think you can get it.