Leonardo would be put to shame


So, more and more of these letters are coming out, and speculation by the community is reaching a fever pitch. As things stand, we have the following information:

  • Postcards have been sent out by Mythic to inform/titillate us about the big announcement tomorrow.
  • Each postcard is part of a 13-digit clue.

We curerntly have the 9 of the 13 slots filled.

_ T N I _ T N E V E R A _

Whether this is the exact order of whatever message is being spelled, or it’s backwards/jumbled is unknown. A straight reverse of it gives us:

_ A R E V E N T _ I N T _


War event _int_


War even _int_

Obviously, the red letters are my guesses, or just the blanks. I can’t think of any 5 letter words with “int” in middle, and don’t have the time at this current moment to put serious brainpower into it. Oh, Tom Hanks, where are you?

edit: Greg at Tome of Knowledge, got a letter as well. Like the other “e” he mistakenly thought it was an “L” at first also, but it seems the wacky penner of these things is at least consistent. The War Event Hints theory is looking more solid by the parcel.


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