More Awesome.

Overall awesomeness.

New classes, new zones, new scenarios, new live events, new conflict.

This is a stupid amount of information that Mythic just dropped. Essentially they just laid out their plans for the first two quarters of this year.  The plans are good, and I’m happy to hear about the new stuff, particularly Lands of the Dead.

I’ve heard a lot of hype about the Darkness Falls from DAoC, but as I never played it myself, dont’ have first hand experience. It sounds great, but the ultimate goal is a dungeon, and to be honest, I’m over dungeon crawls for the most part. But the resulting PvP that will happen from all the people that want to do the dungeons, now that puts a big silly grin on my face.

A big happiness inducer for me as well is my love of Egyptian themed anything. The first expansion for EQ2, Desert of Flames, was bar-none, my favorite of all time. I love the look and mysticism that are involved with the regions general flavor. Vast expanses of desert, with nothing but sand blowing in the wind, ready to strip the flesh from the bones of the unwary, and bury the evidence, never to be found again. The multitude of secrets hidden, both enlightening and the dangerous, throughout the country-side, waiting for someone brave (or stupid) enough to go hunting them out. It just really gets my brain churning.

So, three cheers for this, I love the region, and the new classes, blah, blah, blah are good to hear about as well.


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