An Homage

yankeessuckkidWell, in a fun and interesting post, it spurred me on to give a giant transmittal of emotion to a group of people. To all of those band-jumping, come-lately, lazy bastards who try to profit off of the work of those who came before you, this message is for you. That message… F U C K   Y O U.

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Chicken or the Egg?

chicken-eggSo, this week while I was sick, I was able to get some gaming time in. A lot of gaming time actually. Don’t really have anything better to do than sit around and read the forums, play the game, and pray to the porcelain god that whatever virus had invaded my body leave quickly. Our server had their first assault on a city on Tuesday with the release of zone Domination. Destruction orchestrated (though they deny having plans ahead of time) a great late night assault and zone locking that lasted well into the AM hours, when the majority of people are asleep. So, of course there is much heated argument over at our servers forum on WHA. Retaliation is a bitch though, and on Thursday, Order bit back.

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Dominating your Freetime

hot-whipThat’s right boys and girls, 1.2 will be here shortly. Oh yes, sweet, sweet zone domination, how I long for you. Oh, and a little live event,  side-thingy for those berserkers. Bleh, not nearly as excited about that as I am for domination. It’s going to change the face of the game as we know it. It will hurt, it will leave us bruised, and we’re going to love every minute of it.

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Get There Faster

eternityThe Domination system cannot get here soon enough. I’m starting to sense an ennui settle in on me of keep takes and the seemingly futile attempt to flip zones and push the war line closer to the enemy city. Last night we were in Praag, my favorite zone, with my favorite scenario. The battle is still in Praag after our failed attempt to take the Chaos Wastes fortress, and hasn’t budged. Read more of this post

Where ‘da posts at?

I havent’ been posting near as much as I usually do. This is mostly due to the fact that I’ve been testing out other games during the time I would normally think up topics, cruise WAR sites, and just generally keep a toe in the waters of our community. It’s also partly due  to the insane-fucking-ridiculous fun I’m having in game. Last night (a Tuesday) there were probably 3 warbands roaming around KV with some incredible back and forth. Manuevers were used, feints, and fall backs. Anvil/Hammer techniques, boxed porcupine style, it was insane. I actually had the where-with-all to record some of it too. So this weekend I may put my cleaning up of Shadow Warrior abilities on hold, and work on putting together a video instead. We’ll see.

Nights like last night just further reinforce how important the domination system is for this game. We were running around, not really intending to lock it, we just wanted a fight. Once it’s required that we take points and hold them, it will bring a whole other level of strategery (yeah, I went there) to the game. To quote our president, “I’m ginned up” for this.