sabotageSo, in my continuing evolution with this game, we should all be aware that I’ve dropped my Shadow Warrior until such time that they become worth a shit. In my mean-time, I’ve been playing my Warrior Priest. The play is similar to that of my Disciple of Khaine, but better. It’s interesting how far these classes have come since launch, they were strong classes then, but there have been little tweaks and changes that make them really shine, and place them in one of the few categories of classes that I consider “there”. There being almost perfectly balanced. That balance shows.

I’ve been playing him slightly different from my other characters. With my Disciple and my Shadow Warrior, I focused on exp more than my renown rank. I’d partake of scenarios or the odd ORvR if it was easy and convenient, but I primarily just wanted to hit 40 and start with the endgame. With Wilem the Warrior Priest, I’ve really been spending a significant amount of time out in the open field. My renown rank has stayed at the 99% cap, waiting for me to turn over my next level so it can start progressing again. It’s been that way for the last 4 levels, and last night I dinged level 12, forcing me out of Tier 1 and into Tier 2. Tier 1 has been fun, but mostly dead other than a few skirmishes in Nordland.

Tier 2, oh how much fun you were. I was reluctant to leave behind the introductory pairings and all the influence rewards I was unable to attain, but you, yes you, have brought me around. After flying to the Shadowland’s warcamp, I instantly saw there was some fighting and BO flipping going on. So, I ask in guild about it, and some others on their alts/new people to the game point me in the direction of the person to join up for some PvP fun, and boy where they right.

It started as a typical warband, with a little over a group of people, roaming from BO to BO, taking them for fun and profit, but it quickly became clear that *GASP* some of the enemy was in the zone. The leader sent a forward scout to report back to us their movement, and we all rush south to the gated wall, with the long corridor seperating the two zones. In this obvious choke point against each wall, are two large black statues, perfect for hiding behind. A great way to draw the enemies attention is when you send one person to attack their keep, and flame it. Well, marry these two ideas together, and you get a horde of Destruction running blindly past what is now three groups of eager Order players waiting to pounce on your unprotected flanks. It was a bloodbath. They were dead before they really knew what hit them I think.

This offensive was the start of the evening. There were multiple back-and-forth moments, each side hiding in ambush, or rushing head-first when the forces met on the open field. Order held the day, we never fell victim to a single one of their attacks, coming out on top from every ambush and offensive they could throw at as. It was as if we had all been doing this together for years, and each person knew what to do and how to perform their role to the best of their ability. It was a beautiful thing. In the words of a fictional character, “It’s perfection, and that’s what I want to be a part of.”


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3 Responses to Sabotage

  1. Natali says:

    Funnily enough, I’m spending more time on my Archmage at the moment. Healing makes a nice change from constant dps, I feel like I’m actually helping people out.

  2. Itnas says:

    Sad to see all/most SW droping the class, Mythic has to be truelly blind to not see they need to do something to stop this hands down chain reaction….

  3. Shotokan says:

    Yep, sadly Mythic just can’t seem to get it together and fix what needs fixing with the SW. I have dropped Shotokan for a little over 2 months now, working my BW up to take his place in the DPS ranks in T4, now rank 34 rr31 I have almost achieved the goal… I love being range DPS and really feel the SW would be the most fun to play, but the lack of utility and dps just kills the joy for me. I recently however played him again in order to help out on a City siege defense in Altdorf as well as a Fort Push yesterday and must admit I miss the playstyle of my SW… if only they could fix him. It’s funny Kahla that you are playing a WP now, I also rolled a WP on the side of my BW who is now rank 18 and I must admit they are really fun healer class to play, I go with a 1hand and Tome with constant use of Supplication and try to remain a back line healer, and I love that if I get attacked, I can take a good solid beating before I die, if I die.

    All that to say “right there with ya bud” I also shelved my SW. In hopes they someday get serious attention.

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