portapottyWhen I started blogging, it was in large part, due to Syp. I really liked his writing over at WAAAGH!. It was a short while before I realized it was the same guy from this other blog that I loved, BioBreak. Other than the fact that he has an image from Final Fantasy 7 on the banner at the top, I instantly fell in love BioBreak, it was more general, so the content was a good deal more expansive and broad, while maintaining the same good writing that I enjoyed at WAAAGH as well.

So, now Syp has closed down his blog at WAAAGH, and commited himself to BioBreak more full-time-ish. Oddly enough, I didn’t even realize this till I read BioBreak today that the other had closed. For whatever reason, it had fallen off my regular cycle of blogs I read. Most likely due to the general malaise I feel to the game right now, that I’m just not as interested in reading about it from all over the place as I was before. Who knows, either way, maybe this means I’ll get more BioBreak goodness out of him. Best of luck to ya Syp!


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