Slight Retraction

war-priestFor a few various reasons, I’m going to be changing what I said earlier. I played my DoK, and I did like it, however, the server seems to be lacking. Whenever I run around, and I know there is fighting going on, it’s like pulling teeth trying to get into a warband. There are never any open forces running around for me to jump into and help out, so I’m left going it solo. As a healer, this is bad, as, well, I heal. Not being grouped with me means that Tank216 doesn’t get heals, because clicking on someone running the field is a pain in the ass. Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah, so I am not going to be playing my DoK, but I did decide I am going to shelve my Shadow Warrior until Mythic gets their shit together with the class. The decision pretty much came after I found myself getting destroyed in duels against every class except Sorcerers and Witch Elves, which ended close usually. I was able to destroy Magus as well, but they need just as much Dev love from what I read, so I’m not going to be all a-twitter about that. So yeah, sorry Kahla, you’re worthless right now, can’t duel, and no reason to have you in RvR when there are so many better OTHER options.

So, I was left at an impasse? Do I just quit, or try to slug it out on a server I can’t stand with a class I don’t like? Decisions, decisions. I have that Swordmaster I’ve been leveling, and he is fun, but I’m not sure if I want to play a tank in another MMO. There’s always the WP… hmmm…. the WP. Kind of like all those Paladins I’ve been playing in almost every RPG since the dawn of time. Ugh, but to level another character to 40, just hurts my soul a bit. But I don’t want to leave my guild either, I really like them, they’re all a great bunch of people.

This semi-coherent rambling is basically what plagued me all weekend. This see-saw, back and forth emotional ferris-wheel ride of indecision. Eventually, it settled, and I came to a conclusion. I’ll be playing the Warrior Priest, and I have started. He’s currently level 9, and I have to say, playing a class as powerful as this just throws the glaring weaknesses of Shadow Warriors into a far harsher light. Just saying it wouldn’t be enough evidence though, let me give you, my reader, an example! I was roaming the RvR lake of Nordland last night, solo at level 9. I saw some red swarming on one of the BOs and decided to jump in and protect it. Sure enough, I was faced with three of the enemy, a level 11 DoK, a level 5 Marauder, and another level something Marauder (I think he was 6-7). I instantly jumped into combat, beating on the weakest marauder. Dropped him. Turned to the next Marauder, Dropped him. Turned to the DoK. Stalemate. They had just managed to finish off the champion while I was killing the Marauders, so I no longer had him for backup. In the time that the DoK and I were raining blows on each other, BOTH Marauders managed to run back and help out. By the time I was finally killed by the three of them, I was able to drop another of the chaos-fiends.

So to tally it up for those who weren’t keeping track, I got in three kills on medium armor-wearing MDPS who had a healer with them, by the time it took them to drop me. That’s insane. I’m not sure how much this will hold up later on, but from what I’ve seen of my DoK, and read on the boards, it stays pretty close. So, here’s to leveling all over again.


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8 Responses to Slight Retraction

  1. theerivs says:

    Sorry to hear this, but the DOK is a wonderful class.

  2. Grimnir says:

    WP’s have great survivability, as I’m sure you’ve noticed. Toughest of all the healers without a doubt, though the DoK can dish out a bit more damage. It is something to keep in mind, every class in WAR is made to kick teeth in and sunder souls apart. If you’re not breaking faces, you’re missing out on half your class.

    Also, if you want to try a pimpin’ ranged type, go for an Engineer. Patch 1.2 gave them all kinds of love.

  3. shadowwar says:


    Don’t count out the DoK entirely yet, if leveling crushes my will to play, i’ll find a guild over there to run with.

    I agree, make war not love. But, if I play a range class, it will have a bow.

  4. Selaphiel says:

    Hey Kahla, sorry for beating you in duels on Sunday 🙂 But seriously, I’ve got about the best gear in the game for both DPS and healing on a DoK (6/6 Darkpromise 2/6 Invader etc etc) and it’s a great deal of fun. I mean, Lawn is the only one who consistently out-damages me in scenarios (

    Anywho, if you’re planning on playing your DoK or WP keep in mind that you won’t be able to really shine unless you focus on one aspect of the class at a time. That means having separate sets of gear for DPS and healing and differing tactic sets. For DoKs, our two major damage-increasing tactics reduce our healing by 20% apiece (Divine Fury and Murderous Intent). I see a lot of DoKs who are under the mistaken impression that because they rolled everyone in T2/T3 in crappy gear they can get away with that in T4. It’s not the case.

  5. shadowwar says:

    It’s all good (and oddly, Lawn dosen’t provide any problem for me, sorcs rarely do). The duels on Sunday were the nail in the coffin. I have 4 sentinel pieces, and two conqueror on, plus purple sword/bow, and +16 talismans in every slot. I may not have full LV, but I should be preforming at a much higher level than I am able to with that level of gear.

    Oh, and trust me, different tactic sets are a cake walk after playing a SW. Mostly, my intention is to run a melee-heal based DoK/WP whatever (and from your SS it looks like you run one similar). I think I posted a link to the DoK build a couple posts back, and I’ve got a good idea of what I want for a WP build as well.

  6. Selaphiel says:

    Don’t misunderstand me, I can take down a BW in about 3 seconds flat (Silence -> Snare -> WTFPWN -> drink QQ tears) so I assume I could take Lawn down as well (he stacks INT). The thing about the “melee healer” class is that if you plan on healing anyone other than yourself you need to be healing spec and be out of the front lines. In fact, the great thing about the DoK/WP is that we don’t even need LoS for most of our heals. Just hide behind a rock and chain the group heal/group hot/group shield/etc. “Melee-healing” is just a euphemism for DPS-ing and keeping yourself healed while you pew-pew away. If you manage somehow to heal some allies that are standing on you (because Divine Strike’s radius is a measly 10ft), all the better. You’ll need to save Divine Assault for yourself for the most part.

    Honestly, you won’t pull up the kind of numbers in the damage column that a DoK can because you don’t have nearly the damage output that he does. Mainly, the difference between Devour Essence and Sigmar’s Shield, Fell Sacrifice and Soulfire, and Smite and Essence Lash. Your AoE damage capability is far inferior. Even though WP use a 2H, your burst damage is about the same because, again, Devour Essence is that good. You will most likely be healing with a 1H and a book until you get the gear (LV/RVR weapon + 4pc BL//2pc Conq or 2pc Conq/2pc Inv) because your survivability, through Cleansing Power/Sigmar’s Favor/Intimidating Repent, is much better than a DoKs.

  7. shadowwar says:

    Yeah, I was shocked to hear from the other WP that Soulfire and Sigmar’s Shield were no good. Having been used to the DoK I knew that Fell Sacrafice and Devour essence were godly. Geez, this is making me want to play my DoK and forget the WP, but then, I’d never get to go up against all the Destro I love to hate 😉

  8. Selaphiel says:

    Trust me, when you compare the healing of a WP to a DoK, you’ll see who’s favored. For example, the base values of the mastery heals are better for a WP than a DoK, i.e. Martyr’s Blessing vs Khaine’s Refreshment: 4 ticks of 224 (896) vs 3 ticks of 202 (606).

    Cleansing Power (heals can cleanse curses), Refreshing Radiance (heals give AP), Sigmar’s Favor (heals heal extra), Shield of Faith (+disrupt), Exalted Defenses (+20% heal/10s on defend), Intimidating Repent (AoE detaunt)

    DoKs have…Khaine’s Bounty (absorb shield on self) and Dark Blessings (+10% heal on self). Our version of Sigmar’s Favor: if our Consume Enchantment removes something, we gain 135 health. Whoop-de-frickin-do.

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