I tried it, and I liked it

thumbs-upSo, I went back to give my DoK a whirl with the spec I talked about in my previous post. It was fun. I didn’t feel any undo pressure from other players to keep them alive. I had a good time running around at the front line and doing a little bit of combat and healing. I managed to pull out an Annihilators Breastplate from a keep take. Plus, I looked amazing. Disciples are still one of the better looking classes in my opinion. So I had sex appeal, fun play, and decent to better functionality. Given all that, I don’t know if I’m going to switch over just yet.

The biggest problem for me at this moment, is that my states are all over the place. I’m sitting around 300-400 in everything, I have no focus. I’m going to need to delve a bit deeper into the class and figure out what it is I need to focus on to maximize performance. My initial thoughts are Strength, Weapons Skill, Wounds, Tougness (in that order). I’m basically considering Strength as my “healing stat” since it’s a direct correlation between msot of the heals I’m going to be useing and how much damage I do.

Also problematic is going to be the lag and the queues. I noticed that when I tried to log in later in the evening, I still had a 30 minute wait or so to play till. Once I did get in, I was experiencing consistant lag, that was a momumental hinderance to my playing, and just resulted in my logging off. Also, I’m still not sure if the benefits of an insanely heavily populated server is worth more than the advantages of being on one of the lower population servers.

In any matter, it was fun, and it lets me know that if I see the Shadow Warriors completely neglected in the near future, I’ve got a fun, viable alternative to go to. Thanks to you all who left comments, initiatives like this WCPI really shows how great of a community we all have available to us.


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3 Responses to I tried it, and I liked it

  1. Nosmo King says:

    Gratz. Glad to see you haven’t giving up on WAR. Bloggers attitude towards the game effect my attitude towards the game to some extent (this might not be healthy). Now, if I can just convince myself to give up on this Rune Priest and roll a Warrior Priest we’ll both be doing great. -NK

  2. shadowwar says:

    Yeah, my previous post, I definitely didn’t mean I’m quitting in the next couple of days or even weeks. I’ll give them at least a month or two to announce that SW are getting some lovin’, and then a couple weeks to a month or so on my DoK, depending if I’m still liking him then.

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