WCP-Eye on you, pt 3

wcpilogovisual2I’m coming back with my first full post from a week of hell with a blitzkrieg assault of blogs I’ve been reading. I hope you haven’t seen these posts yet because, as we’re all aware, everyone with a computer is blogging about this game now, and damn-it, it’s hard to keep up. So, let this be a  round-up posting of blogs you may have missed.

Contender numero uno is Echoes of Nonsense. In this post, he makes a greatly humorous inquiry on the activity and presence of our most-loved world’s Deities. Gork, Mork, and Nurgle all out on hiatus with fart jokes? You know it must be true.

The Captain hit us all with a visual assault in lieu of doing any actual writing, and this is something I can fully support and enjoy. Masking laziness with pretty pictures distracts the easily placated and pleases the aesthetic in me. The Karl Franz miniature on the griffin was particularly nice. I need to post some of my 40k models sometime. I need to go paint some 40k models sometime, WAR is keeping me away…

Dont, over at Blame the Healer, recently quit the game, and in one of the worlds quickest turn-around, came right back. Having been a closet reader of his for a while now, I am very happy about this, and really hope to see more of his Fight Club videos (how many times can I link to one guy in a post? 3 apparently).

Portraits of WAR doesn’t update super-frequently, but art takes time, so have patience like me. The style is different for me, and sometimes it doesn’t exactly blow my whistle, but it’s always fun to see someone perspective on the game world, and they’re sensibilities on the the subject matter. Usually, I like the black-line versions better before the colorer gets to it.

One of my previously oft-read blogs was Ferrel’s. Then my workplace dropped firewalls faster than the U.S.A. on Japan in WWII, and sadly, his site was one of the first to get blocked. He almost always has a good read, even when lamenting over the affects of zone domination. I don’t have to agree with you to enjoy you stuff.

Wide Eyed Newb, in a recent blog, highlights an interesting phenomenon around gamers and a study being based on it. The pseudonyms we go by in game, and why we chose them. I have always found this kind of thing interesting, as I myself almost always use the same if not highly similar name. In fact, my current character Kahla, is a huge deviation for me in that it is:

  1. Female
  2. Not named Rrin/Lope/Ezekiel

In any matter, that should be enough for anyone to waste some time with for now, please enjoy those specific posts, and the blogs in general. Have fun all!


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2 Responses to WCP-Eye on you, pt 3

  1. Ferrel says:

    I’ve been blocked! The horror!

    I do very much appreciate the read and mention though!

  2. Hi mate, thank you for the mention I think your comments pretty much sum up what I was feeling that day 🙂

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