New State of the Game post from Mr. Jacobs hit us yesterday. There are a few things I’m happy to read about, but really? Not a single mention of Shadow Warriors? We were the least looked at class in 1.2, 1.2.1 you admit has no eyes coming to us, and 1.3 you have no intention of so much as giving us a once over? This is freakin’ ridiculous. If something dosen’t start happening soon to compensate for the glaring flaws and sevre areas of underperformance for this class, I’m gone. No more playing your game, and no more blog. I’m quickly passing the point of just mild frustration, I’m rapidly approaching genuinely angry. I will not make a new main, I will not go through it all over again with a new focus. Six months in, and you’re on the precipice of loosing a DEVOUT fan.

Get your shit together and at least acknowledge us with admitance of the numerous problems this class faces.


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