He’s been quiet because…

markjacobsHe’s no longer with the company.

Theories anyone?

Fired for falling short of performance expectations with WAR?

Asked to resign because of his many verbal (some would say Bidden-ish) blunders?

Quit over being forced to push his product early?

Uncovering of a maligned secret identity?

In all sincerity, his presence has been noticeably gone, especially when the Hickman started giving the state of the game letters instead of Mr. Jacobs. To MJ, we wish you the best of luck, you were a person who was dedicated to this game, and I truly believe you wanted this to be the best it possibly could, and you did everything you thought best to make it so. May all your endeavors be fruitful, and your career be rewarding wherever it is you land.

Edit: Just wanted to give a quick update with some links to comments and links from other sites for anyone still interested. Rev. Dr.  J. Drescher gives his inside scoop. And a little bit of journalistic info-dishing can be found here at Massively. Lastly, and most important, the man himself is writing again.

Tokens, and Scarabs, and Skeletons, oh my!

goggleswmAs I’m sure we’re all well aware, the Live Event is today in its fourth day after release, and the recent update of 1.2.1 has been out for about a week now, and this is going to be my post going over my impressions of the two systems as a whole. I’ve had time to experience and really digest what the changes from 1.2.1 have made to the game, and I have been all the way through this most recent of live events, so I think I can discuss it without qualm now.

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New State of the Game post from Mr. Jacobs hit us yesterday. There are a few things I’m happy to read about, but really? Not a single mention of Shadow Warriors? We were the least looked at class in 1.2, 1.2.1 you admit has no eyes coming to us, and 1.3 you have no intention of so much as giving us a once over? This is freakin’ ridiculous. If something dosen’t start happening soon to compensate for the glaring flaws and sevre areas of underperformance for this class, I’m gone. No more playing your game, and no more blog. I’m quickly passing the point of just mild frustration, I’m rapidly approaching genuinely angry. I will not make a new main, I will not go through it all over again with a new focus. Six months in, and you’re on the precipice of loosing a DEVOUT fan.

Get your shit together and at least acknowledge us with admitance of the numerous problems this class faces.

Of layoff and numbers

I was going to write a whole bunch here, and commiserate with all those who lost their jobs. But I’m angry, and frustrated, and just had a scare with my wife as well, so I’m too drained to think about it.

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I’m joining Darren, my glass will be JW Blue Label, neat.