Patience, I no longer has it

Maybe it’s because I’m getting older. Maybe it’s because I’ve spent too much time in gaming communities. Maybe it’s because I’ve seen the same conversations rehashed ad nauseum that I have worn out any patience. Maybe I’m just tired from my daughter keeping me up nights, so I’m more on edge. Maybe because I haven’t been able to play hardly at all the last three weeks, I need some “decompress” time. Or maybe, just maybe, the person on the other side of forum really is just a moron.

Not too long ago, I wouldn’t feel frustrated by people who are completely unable to read and comprehend the logical talking points of a discussion. I wouldn’t feel the need to later deconstruct the same argument down into its various segmented components in trying to clarify in perfect simplicity why their counter-points do not apply. It the not-so-distant past, I would never have boggled at the complete ineptitude of other people to understand conceptual intent and implementation into a live system. The old me would never have pulled his hair out at the seemingly aggressive ignorance people present when faced with point-by-point comparisons that negates their earlier assertions.

I don’t know what it is, but I’m finding myself far less likely to let absurd comments go unchecked. I’m not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing yet. On one hand, it feels great to see someone else resort to ad-hominem attacks, and unsubstantiated claims. On the other hand, I don’t truly achieve anything.

Oh well.


Forum WARrior

A champion in text.Blog title theme’s for the win!

I’ve been rockin’ out on the various forums for WAR the last couple of days. Talking about a whole slew of things, getting into discussions, heated and casual about everything from Nerfed Buttons, the viability of a Shadow Warrior in a duel against a DoK, the necessity of a shield for a tank in RvR, or what the best specialization is for aKnight of the Blazing Sun in a bomb group. I’m all over the place, and if you frequent any WAR forums, you’ve probably run into me there.

It’s probably obvious, but I love to be a part of a game’s community, and forums are a big part of that experience. I spend a lot of time on the forums. More than I will ever admit to my employer! I’m used to the flames, the trolls, the arguments, the senseless hyperbole and terrible, terrible logic people employee to back up their claims. I often use crazy analogies, or even hyperbole in an obvious juxtaposed way to highlight flaws in another person’s claims, statements, or arguments.

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Fileplanet can suck my nuts

I really don’t think anything more than that needs to be said.

If you want to know why in particular I’m saying it, at this moment in time, it’s because you had to go through them to get the patcher for Champions if you pre-ordered in a store. As we all know, Fileplanet sucks in general, and I may not get to play tonight because I’m just now patching the game.

What I like to call, “Retarded”

retardThat would be the notes on the test server for Shadow Warriors with 1.3b. They are as follows:

Shadow Warrior
* The following abilities have had their radius reduced: Distracting Rebounds, Hunter’s Fervor, Instill fear, Outrider Patrol, Penetrating Arrow, Rain of Steel, Whirling Pin, and Whirling Rage.
* Barrage: This ability’s cost and damage have been reduced, and its build time removed. The ability will now hit all players in a line in front of the player.
* Flame Arrow: This ability’s cost and damage have been reduced, and its build time removed.
* Glass Arrow: This ability’s cooldown has been reduced, and its damage-over-time component removed. This ability is now a target-area-of-effect direct damage.
* Lileath’s Arrow: This ability’s radius, width, and damage have been reduced.
* Smoldering Arrows: This ability’s bonus damage to Flame Arrow has been reduced.
* Split Arrows: This ability’s radius has been reduced. Spiral Fletched Arrows will now do 30% less damage when this Tactic is slotted.
* Sweeping Slash: Reduced the ability’s radius and damage, and increased the cost.

Shadow Warrior
* Bullseye: This Tactic will now correctly proc.
* Keen Arrowheads: The duration of the snare on the ability “Takedown” will now upgrade properly with this Tactic slotted.

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Guess we have HIS answer

MussoliniAnyone remember my post a while back about comments on your page, and how you deal with them? If not, you can follow that handy link I provided to re-read it.

Well, it seems a soft storm has hit on one person’s website. I really, really wish I had been able to read the original post. I say original, because by accounts, the author not only heavily edited comments on his page, but also changed the post itself. We’re all bloggers, so, you know, whatever. We can do as we wish, it’s our little place to be the domineering, all-powerful, ironfisted, censor of doom if we want to. I can’t see myself ever reaching a place like that myself. I guess he’s a big name in that area of the blog-verse, but I can’t particularly care for any of his work, and stuff like this makes me wonder how he got that 3k+ readers his feedburner shows. Smoke and mirrors I guess.

Edit: It should be noted, that Tobold created a new post after the one mentioned above talking about the error he made in the original, controversy-spawning post, and somewhat outlined his stance on blogistic integrity. My wish was that he would have left the original post stand as-was, and not touched the comments, but like I said, each person has the right to run their blog in the way they choose.

Drama, they have it

Drama (where I first heard).

Hol-eee Crap.

Confession? Bullshit!

I love the internet so god-damn much sometimes, it makes all four of my heart’s chambers beat at the same time, and cause mini-heart attacks. It’s that freakin’ awesome.

I hate em too.

dumb-blondeSyp made a great post (par for the course).

People may find this ironic, but I agree. Elves are the WORST racial option for any class, ever. Most of the time, I would much, much rather play a Human. It’s ironic considering that the only classes I have played seriously in this game have been elves. When the game first came out, I wanted to play a melee healer, and I was set up with a guild that decided to go destro before-hand, so I was stuck with the disciple (groan!). Then I tried out the Blackguard because he was supposed to be the offensive tank (/face_palm). Through it all though, I wanted to play an archer, but I hate, HATE pet classes… hello Shadow Warrior (mumble).

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An Homage

yankeessuckkidWell, in a fun and interesting post, it spurred me on to give a giant transmittal of emotion to a group of people. To all of those band-jumping, come-lately, lazy bastards who try to profit off of the work of those who came before you, this message is for you. That message… F U C K   Y O U.

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All Together Now


This will be a two-pronged post, one on solo play and the other on all of us working together.

This is a team game. Working toward a common goal with massive amounts of other players is how this game is to operate. Despite the solo content, and how some people want to play, the main purpose is to wage war, and be a champion of an army. Wars cannot be successfully waged by small groups of people, and an army cannot be made up of one person.

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I just realized I f’d up hard, and was hitting F11 instead of F12 when FRAPSing PvP last night, hence no video. So angry… I may cry some. Will try to get more tonight if anything good goes down.