121-ae-diagramWell, a preview of the patch notes were put up, and discussed in two seperate places. The one from MbJ can be found here, and it is just a general preview of what will be coming out with this update. For a subsidary patch, it sounds like it is pretty hefty, which usually means good things. There was no explicit mention of Shadow Warriors anywhere in the mix here, so my hopes and dreams aren’t soaring at any moment. Conversely, there was no mention of any class, so I’m not really hurt about it either. It just is what it is.

The second, and probably more immediately impacting discussion was posted by AdamG here. GTAoE spells, specifically Pit of Shades, and Rain of Fire, are finally getting the fix they deserve. No more overlapping. If I didn’t know better, I’d think that AdamG took a page from the notebook over at Breakfast at War with his diagram love. The image you see on the top right corner of the screen is a boat-load of goodness for this game.

The end of having four Pits or Rains stacked on a chokepoint in a keep means no longer getting insta-melted the second you run up the stairs. The inclusion of multiple stairways to the final target is going to help mitigate this as well. I’m hoping that along with the other keep changes, new ways to break through the walls will be available, something other than the route door pounding. Overall, I’m looking forward to this patch, more than anything it feels like it’s bringing the fine tuning to the game in some much needed areas.


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4 Responses to 1.2.1

  1. Grimnir says:

    Wow, thanks for that second bit. I would have missed it. Ya bloggers are really coming in handy lately :p

    I usually just keep up on patch notes through the WAR Herald.

  2. shadowwar says:

    That’s what we’re here for 😉

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