I beat the game!

It only took about two years.

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14 Responses to I beat the game!

  1. Wasdstomp says:

    Gratz. I don’t think I will ever get there. I gave up on my bw at 73, and starting over with my AM now.

  2. Tarelther says:

    Hey! Just in time to grind to 100! Less lost renown is good amirite?

  3. krosuss says:

    Bigtime Gratz!

    I’ll be there by time the RvR Packs are coming out.

  4. Sarigs says:

    Congratz dude!

  5. skarbd says:

    Well done. At the current pace I think I will reach 80, in June 2011.

  6. skarbd says:

    Which by then will be 20 levels away from the cap 🙂

  7. Werit says:

    Nice! Is your SW 80 yet?

  8. shadowwar says:

    Thanks everyone. And no, the Shadow Warrior is 71 still. That’s my next endeavor! With AAO, I may be able to get there before December.

  9. Blaq says:

    Damn these RR80 KotBS must be multiplying! Congratulations. 😀

  10. theerivs says:

    Congo rats..almost makes me want to reup and grind my Chosen to 80….ah no.

    • shadowwar says:

      You’d be surprised how quickly it can go now with AAO. As long as you have a good group, smashing into the zerg and destroying them gets big rewards. Hell, getting ~1500 for solo killing a level (yes LEVEL) 38, is pretty damn nice as well.

      This last weekend, when it was double renown, I brought in around 500k by my tally.

  11. Jomu says:

    haha; grats bud 🙂

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