Chill out!

We don’t really know anything yet.

Jesus Christ Almighty, a 237-word blurb about hints of what’s to come is throwing people into a tizzy. Chill out, and wait for all the news before getting those ropes and stakes ready.

Giant robots

Mechwarrior 4, FOR FREE!

I’ve said it before, I’m more of a sci-fi nerd than fantasy, and there is a very special corner of my heart for giant robots blowing each other up. So… yeah. Big time nostalgia there for me.

I’ll get you guys WAR news as soon as I hear some.

Two New

I’ve been doing a bit of housekeeping on the ol’ blog-roll of late. Said goodbye to a lot of inactives, but I’ve also been trying to keep up with the slew or recent bloggers, and some that may have fallen between the cracks.

So, as a highlight, I wanted to link two for you.

The one I missed: Artiee Punts 

There is something just eternally satisfying about sending players flying through the air in a direction completely opposite to their intended goal. Plus he has a beard, so that’s a plus.

A new one: The Price of Wargh!

Another interesting premise for a blog. From time to time, Vizo is going to be looking at the monetization of playing WAR and the hobby in general, as well as just general commentary and information as it pertains to WAR. Should be an interesting place to keep an eye on.