I’m a competative jerk-face


Nerd and art nastalgia in one place!

I play to win.

When I play Warhammer, I don’t like going into a fight ill-prepared. I always have a liniment and a pot up. I always have stacks of health pots available. I make sure that my tactic build and gear choice are the best for my group. I bring said group with me.

When I play Starcraft 2, I scout early with a probe/drone/SCV. I try to build accordingly to a reasonable build older. I use control groups for my headquarters, for my unit productions, and I know the short-cut keys for pretty much all actions. I make use of groups for various units, use shift-orders consistently for planned movement/build/attacks.

Basically, I do everything in my power in games I play to perform at a reasonable level of competency that I am happy with. I know I won’t be the best at everything, but I like to think that I’m decent to good.

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