From the bullpen

(left to right) Nate Levy, James Casey, Mike Wyatt, Steven Engle, James Nichols (thanks to GG for the photo)

As you are all aware, last week was GamesCom in Cologne, and there our much-loved Warhammer made some announcements and initial reviews. The weekend we just had Gamesday Baltimore, where more of the developers from Warhammer fielded questions from players and bloggers. There are incredibly mixed reactions all around from the community it seems, as expectations were higher on the meat of the delivered information (myself included). The variance I believe, comes in that, as players, we’re more used to hearing about an expansion being announced, and having some type of page to find all the details and information about it. That’s not as likely to happen with the upcoming “packs”. It reinforces in my mind, that these are being treated more like DLC items that supplement gameplay more than change gameplay. That’s not an entirely a bad thing, and some of the things that were said in various places really makes me pleased with the overall outlook the team has design wise.

So, with no further ado, I’m going to throw a bunch of links at you to read.

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