You miss me?

It looks delicious, but it's not!

I know you did. It’s okay, I missed you too.

After beating the game, I took the next day off from writing, and yesterday I was out-of-town for work. So you had to make due with mashing F5, praying I would bring you some enlightened reading material to help you whittle the hours away at the office. So, here you go: me, providing you, a fraction of your daily dose of time-wasting.

With the achievement of RR80 on my Knight, I have only a few minor goals left for him before he’s got all that I could possibly want. I have full Sovereign, and 3 out of 8 pieces for the second set. I also still need to get my royal weapons, and I’m currently around 100 insignia shy of my two-hander, and then I have my sword/shield to get. Or I may reverse that, I haven’t decided 100% yet, which way to go. In large part, I’m still unsure of what route to take because the vast majority of my guild decided to be trendy, go-alongs, and rerolled to Badlands.

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