Woke up this morning at 6:30 EST for some inexplicable reason. Quietly stumbled to the computer room, booted up WAR, and saw that we were about to get into the city. Two hours later, some guildies were around, and Order pushed it to stage 2. Two and a half hours after that, 3 people got to roll on loot from the warlord PQ instance “The Sacellum” because of the buggy-ass game mechanics. A large portion of my soul just died. Thank Mythic, you absolutely failed at PvE…again. I won’t go into the nitty gritty, but if you’ve ever done this PQ before, you know it was long, painful, and hard with 48 people. Now we get to do it with 24, and then get nothing to show for it, not even a crest.


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11 Responses to Ugh

  1. Grimnir says:

    Ah well, at least you got to stage three. Last time we managed to get on stage two the fourth boss of the arena was not targetable the entire time, and the monolith only let you go inside once, so if you died you were locked out (there was some bug to get around this, but it was complicated). I suppose they might get around to fixing that, but until I see some extensive patch notes, I’m just happy to enjoy the fighting. :]

  2. Werit says:

    I’ve never seen beyond Contested.

  3. Radishlaw says:

    I thought they changed the city mechanic such that the other realm will still be there are stage 2?
    (they changed it so there are now only 2 stages)

    • shadowwar says:

      Yes and no. Destro are in the city outside the various Warlord instances, doing the current Stage 1 city invasion PQs to reduce the amount of time order has in Stage 2. So yes, technically they are still there, but if you want to do anything that rewards higher than Invader, you’re doing PvE.

  4. Brian Inman says:

    Back when Order ruled DC we got to stage 3 consistently. I don’t know how many times the Sacellum bugged out on us which than prevented us from getting to the King stage.

    Same thing with the other Warlord PQ with the stones under the Monolith. It would inevitably bug out too.

    Of course we completed them enough too since most of us had our full Warlord gear.

    The problem with WAR is each patch gets patched to the previous version before all the hotfixes for some reason. So that is why bugs always seem to reappear. I don’t think that is ever going away in WAR.

  5. Alastriona says:

    The group that I was with in the Sacellum PQ was about 2.5 groups, and it was ridiculous. The bosses were practically immune to taunt, so we had to drag them up to the respawn point and just ping-pong the boss around until he died. Everyone just ressed immediately after they died, and it popped you right back into the fight. We were on the last boss of stage 2 and had him to about 60% when the timer ran out. Half our group respawned and ended up in Praag. So, yeah. Pretty much suck.

    • shadowwar says:

      Yeah, the fights are very much a spawn camp right now. It needs to be tuned over for a 24 man encounter as opposed to the 48 man it is right now. I have 5/5 superior wards, and if I wasn’t in assault stance, I was still getting one shotted, and not to mention that they did not follow agro rules at all. I lost count of how many times I died while my detaunt was still active on the guy.

  6. theerivs says:

    Mythic sucks at PvE, always have always will.

    • shadowwar says:

      It’s funny, because now that the city instances, and LV are working, they’re kind of fun. Of course, I’m all done with them on my SW. Maybe I’ll do them on my DoK or Knight…

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