Actually, Mr. Meh. I just found this blog not 10 minutes ago, while doing some bored link referer surfing. I’m glad to see that new blogs are still jumping up and around out there. This guy’s writing is entertaining of what I’ve read so far, and the post I linked to specifically mentions a good idea for an implementation that increases the importance of BOs in WAR, something I desperately want to happen as well. So give him some love!

Happy Birthday to Me

This is what you get with a google image search for "Werewolf Birthday"

I turned 28 yesterday, and while my real world kind of sucked (5 hours of driving for a 2 hour meeting, then class last night), my virtual world was great. Mythic and Cryptic decided that in celebration of my birth, they were going to bring the awesome as presents. Champions Online saw the release of Blood Moon Rising and Warhammer saw the fix to flipping a city to stage 2 brought about. I did get to play both for a short amount of time last night before my head hit the pillow, and the results were interesting.

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