1.3.2 Last testing, for realz

baby bumI got to poke about on the test server for about an hour last night in WAR (thanks to my buddy who let me look around). I finished my class last night, and headed straight home, eager to play around with the changes. I booted up the test server, and waited patiently as a 20 minute (or so) download began. I whipped up a delicious meal of left-overs, chit-chatted with the wife, then jumped onto Warpstone. Of course, first thing I did was make a template, RR80 Shadow Warrior, my first true love. This was around 8:30 PM EST. At around 9:00 PM EST, I actually finished picking gear, socketing items, setting up my UI, and choosing my mastery/renown abilities. 30 minutes isn’t too bad of a time to do all that, but time was a commodity I didn’t have. I was down to about 30 minutes of playtime before I had to log off, and I wanted to fight with every bit of it.

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