Happy Birthday to Me

This is what you get with a google image search for "Werewolf Birthday"

I turned 28 yesterday, and while my real world kind of sucked (5 hours of driving for a 2 hour meeting, then class last night), my virtual world was great. Mythic and Cryptic decided that in celebration of my birth, they were going to bring the awesome as presents. Champions Online saw the release of Blood Moon Rising and Warhammer saw the fix to flipping a city to stage 2 brought about. I did get to play both for a short amount of time last night before my head hit the pillow, and the results were interesting.

The game I jumped on first was WAR. I was giddy with excitement to see all the guaranteed battle-royales going on as both sides try to get into the other’s city. Sure as shit stinks, Order and Destruction had each pushed one of the racial pairings to the enemy home-town. The result was an entire servers T4 population dumped into one zone: Dragonwake. There was only myself, and a guilds healer on, so we went poking about to the west keep, to see if we could find some destro to kill, since the maps showed about eight large hotspots all right on top of each other. We ran up the switchbacks, to the front of the keep, and realized my ability was stuck on the end of the build up.

Zone crash. Racial pairing crash, all the way to tier 1. The Warrior Priest I was with was able to relog, but got pushed to Empire Tier 1, my Shadow Warrior couldn’t get back in at all. This ended my WAR fun for the night, I had other toys to play with. That said, word is Destro ended up getting into Altdorf, but was kept from stage 2.

Champions was a far more successful use of my time than WAR was. I saw on the home page that a free retcon had been given to all characters, so I was more than happy to check that out. But first, I saw two new interesting icons on the map of the Southwest Desert where Three last logged off after doing a nemesis mission. I flew to the closest one, and found a giant Werewolf with an ! over his head. Event quest! There were two possible quests to do, both required use of an amulet that turned you into a werewolf, and gave you a set of six custom powers, and removed access to your own. The first quest was to kill a small number of NPC “hunters” (they looked almost identical to Witch Hunters, hats and all). The observant reader might be wondering why I specifically used the term NPC in what is essentially a PvE game, well, because you get a quest to kill 100 player hunters.

The PvP as a werewolf was actually really fun, there were packs and packs of werewolves all charging down a funneled area toward the spawn of the Hunters, frothing for kills. The battles were great in delivering the feel of swarm of lycanthropes attacking righteous assassins. There was even a howl ability that helped other wolves around you, and the more that howled with you, the more powerful you all got. After a little while fighting, I noticed that the top and bottom of my screen was getting letterboxed by an amorphous, dark-greyish-green mist. Three the Werewolf was becoming enraged. The longer I fought, the nastier I became, and my character model started to become covered in green globules. Of course, next thing I knew, I was dead. Still, the fighting was fun in a very zero-consequence sort of way. I would rush to the fight, kill some bitches, die, then rush back again. Pure slaughter, and I loved every second. I stuck around after finishing the werewolf portion long enough to confirm that the quests are duplicated for the hunter side. Maybe I’ll get to that later today.

If you get the chance, check the games out, it’s good stuff.

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5 Responses to Happy Birthday to Me

  1. Castamere says:

    Happy Belated Birthday! I hope today isn’t fraught with lots of aimless driving.

    I only had time to login to Champions last night to do a respec on my particle/energy based main. Should open a lot more doors and will now labor to unlock the Celestial set. I hear the NPC’s that you need to kill for the Celestial stuff are on a 2 hour timer… I foresee a lot of painful instance hopping in my future.

  2. theerivs says:

    Happy Belated Birthday, I wish you many more. I remember when I was 28…well ok I don’t Stoopid Whiskey!

  3. pitrelli says:

    happy belated birthday old yin!
    Hows about some werewolf sceenies?

    • shadowwar says:

      I will see about getting some tonight. I attempted to fraps some of my going through a low-level version of Takofanes crypt last night, but my fps tanked from 45 or so down to 8-14, so that is probably not going to happen.

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