The City Siege, and how it Works

As you should be aware from the blitzkrieg of information coming to you, the working city changes have been released. They cover an absolutely massive chasm in a shift of the way that the end-game is going to work. A complete and utter over-haul. The transmission was ripped out, and the engine block was revamped. So, our old charger has been revamped into a beast of a muscle car. Sexy and big, ready to eat up whatever gets put before it.

Okay, maybe the car metaphor strayed a bit, but keep reading anyway.

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My Nemesis

Champions announced yesterday their upcoming Nemesis dungeon. This is a new lair for end-game players who are members of UNITY. It seems pretty interesting, and it ties more of your characters personal villian into the game which is nice. I’m still not seeing a hell of a lot of end-game available to me yet in game, which is still my biggest disapointment with the game. I want to have something to strive for in a game, and CO doesn’t give me that in the slightest. I’ll keep chugging away at the game, and will cap out soon I hope. I just got done with all I possibly can on Monster Island, and have to do the Lemuria Crisis now (if I can find an instance with more than just me in it…).


Woke up this morning at 6:30 EST for some inexplicable reason. Quietly stumbled to the computer room, booted up WAR, and saw that we were about to get into the city. Two hours later, some guildies were around, and Order pushed it to stage 2. Two and a half hours after that, 3 people got to roll on loot from the warlord PQ instance “The Sacellum” because of the buggy-ass game mechanics. A large portion of my soul just died. Thank Mythic, you absolutely failed at PvE…again. I won’t go into the nitty gritty, but if you’ve ever done this PQ before, you know it was long, painful, and hard with 48 people. Now we get to do it with 24, and then get nothing to show for it, not even a crest.